The clippers have become the public enemies of the league

The clippers have become the public enemies of the league. Don’t you feel right? If you support the clippers, it’s because the two parties know that Paul George is a kind of value inconsistency. It can even be said that you are a small group of people. Your values need to be discussed. What kind of intrigue are they playing?

You know, it’s not a matter of fair and aboveboard, conspiracy, conspiracy, swallow ginseng alive, wipe your mouth after eating, and then put on a bow tie, and say, um, yes, it’s delicious. It’s not one of them. Well, what a mature player should do, his EQ is extremely low, especially Paul George. You can see that the things done over the years make people feel that they can’t praise him. This kind of crisis public relations ability is extremely poor. I think, ah, just talk about that Paul George.

Now, he should talk less. Do more things, play excellent results, play, good games, get more honors, put these lost fans in, fight back this is the right direction, not now she is talking, saying more than doing, ah, fengpingniu back ah, if you want to retreat a mouth can put these scenery.

What the Lakers want to do is to accumulate the ones that are totally different from the current playing methods of the whole league

After cousins was injured, we made it clear that the Lakers will be in the near future. I also forgot what the words were. The Lakers must add a position 5 in the camp to supplement the inside line. This, indeed, in fact, according to the general conditions, generally speaking, there are two camp centers, two camp insiders, and then small ball players. Um, in the cash League, in the case of small ball playing, the two players, Anthony Davis and McKee, are common.

As well as, injured, attendance, death, those are enough, right? No need to add. But as we said before, what the Lakers want to do is to accumulate the ones that are totally different from the current playing methods of the whole league, and return to the normal or traditional basketball mode. We are in the group. When I shared with you, I once said, ha, in fact, the warriors, the heat, the heat, the warriors, the warriors, the warriors, the systems, and the warriors, and the five little deaths were a false example in the league. Only these teams are of this kind.

It’s so big and won. The other teams believe that imitation is actually a wrong demonstration. It shouldn’t be like this. The essence of playing basketball is still a high sport, or a big sport. Ah, it will slowly return to the essence of basketball and restore the appearance of basketball. This, turn over the page, ah, it’s not our standard, right? The fact is that we expect to develop in this direction as I said. Maybe you think I’m lucky, right? Let me have unlimited luck. OK, let’s talk about Howard.

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It can play the fourth quarter for 10 minutes

if you want to play the Laker team, you have to let James give full play to his power in the three quarters, or you can leave him physical strength. He should play for 25 minutes in the fourth quarter. We should play him in 245 minutes. 24 minutes below is the best time to play 25 minutes, which is more than one minute James. We said that James, you need the first three quarters and consume it forcefully.

It can play the fourth quarter for 10 minutes. The power of 10 minutes takes up physical strength and even 12 minutes of neatness. That’s what James is capable of. Today, he played overtime. Anthony, Davis, and James dominated the overtime. Now the game should have played 118-110.

There are still 22 minutes left. We can see the ball. How about it. The Lakers are invisible killers. Well, he is an ER Er, he is an obvious killer. Well, even now XX is three wins and one loss, and the Lakers are four wins and one loss. These teams are in the top four of the West. You can’t ignore him. You can’t stop watching it.

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Compared with the current league environment

He is too powerful because of his oil and water. Howard and Anthony Davis, we compare the two towers of the Spurs. Now we mainly discuss whether Anthony Davis and Howard are equal to David Robinson hypothesis Duncan, because we know that the Spurs played double towers. In 0305, David Robinson has been biased, old man estimated the ability to decline, but the defensive ability is extremely excellent, Duncan’s debut is the peak offensive and defensive all-around.

Now, the Laker team Howard and Anthony Davis, we will finally talk about Anthony Davis’s problem. Now there are some hidden worries about Anthony Davis. He is also a player with balance of attack and defense, but he certainly can’t reach the height of Duncan. But now Howard’s defensive ability is excellent, and his attack sense is also very keen. Yes, about, it is equal to David Robinson. Therefore, the combined ability value of the two people is ah if David Robinson and Duncan are.

If 59 points, I think Howard and Anthony Davis can at least play 95 points, you have to 95 points is not low. Compared with the current league environment, the interior line is worried, the inside line can not take a lot of shots, can be said to be very few, if there is, the quality of each player in the inside line to form a double.

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Then tomorrow’s game will be the Blazers and the fast fleet

Otherwise, it’s the same defense as Celtics. It’s very difficult for seven dwarfs to search the inside line. You can’t break through the strong points. You don’t have the height in the inside line. You can play the fast boat with the strong center.

This is very difficult, so the Clippers are also playing in this way. Other people are also using this way to hit him. Then tomorrow’s game will be the Blazers and the fast fleet. Then Leonard should be able to make a smooth comeback. This game is good to watch, although nurkic of the Blazers is still in the healing stage. Now, Whiteside, I don’t know if I can’t make it, but the Blazers, this team is also the same as, er, the Jazz team.

I even think that if the Blazers are all in one, they may be even better than this jazz team, because we know that the most important thing to fight for in the playoffs is still. The defense is not easy to play. First, we should be able to attack first, and then we should be able to defend against Lillard and mclem. I think it is better than the combination of Mitchell and Conley. So don’t consider the risk.

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If you want to win the championship and get the s MVP this year

It’s just over the present, third, right? There will be people who will go over you in the future. So history first, can you turn to history number one? You sit on the top of the table. This is very important. OK. So if Hadden can score 37 points this year, break Jordan’s record and hit C. Different, he is MVP, so we don’t have to discuss it. We don’t have to worry about anyone in the East. Any player doesn’t have this image.

Without this image, so many Celtics are fierce, but it’s very troublesome to find the leader. This may be a problem for him. We’ll talk about it later. If you want to win the championship and get the s MVP this year, if you want to get the iPhone app, his historical status will be turned over to KULI. I said that his historical position can be turned over from Curie. You see, now harden.

Pro, every game, crazy people have three points. Today I looked at them and scared me. The eight shooting rates of these 22 categories are not high or low. Throughout the season, the new shooting rate is not high, nor is the three-point shooting rate. I think it is relatively low.

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Those who have enough experience in the playoffs

In other words, in singles, he never passes the ball. There are Paul George and Leonard on the opposite side. But we have to say that Beverly, who is on your walker, is your advantage or, er, this strong point, you don’t have to come to Tatum and.

Er, the advantage of the two German players and Paul George is much more obvious. Besides, Abbey Foley also exploded 16 rebounds today. I didn’t get it wrong. The rebounds exploded, and then I killed Walker in seconds. Obviously, we said that I didn’t adapt to this game. I believe that most of the players are not suitable for Beverly’s defense. Ah, indeed, it’s not that Lee doesn’t adapt to Beverly’s players, right? Well, if we play in the playoffs, these experienced players, right?

Those who have enough experience in the playoffs, I believe they can be dealt with. Beverly’s eggs are always confronted with these. It’s really hard to deal with the fake superstar and Yawei star. Well, the second point is to make Louis Williams surpass the three-point goal on this road. I said that the Clippers should play the Clippers. Let’s talk about the Clippers first.

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The last few teams have won 14% of the champion

Yes, it has changed. Ah, the last few teams have won 14% of the champion. Well, it seems that there is no practical solution to this problem. However, we still need to emphasize that the nets team, no matter what changes, is only Owen and Durant.

These two players are tools for making money. If other players have any dissatisfaction with these two players, they can clean them up. No matter the coaching team is the same, as clearing up Owen and the nets, let’s talk about the Laker team and James’ team.

The most important team in the league, ah, we can’t help but say that we have to say, er, James has already got 9000 rebounds, and 9000 assists are in front of us, so over the years, we need to get closer to 10000 rebounds. After the news media listed the data, the next James fans were very happy. You know, this data is very important. We have done a program to say 40000 plus 10000 plus 10000.

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The four strong teams have a better future

The core of five organizations, well, these Luo, cheles, Matt, including Rex Rabbit, do not get the ball is to do, he has no organization to get it to the ball is to do a little organization, no sense of organization, this kind of team is very affect its upper limit.

Well, because we know that a team has a good organization core, point guard is the team’s brain, ah, there is a flexible brain, and the four strong teams have a better future. So the problem with Celtic is that we didn’t talk about it in detail before, but now we can be a representative. Ask, so, he would like to see that players like Morey can organize in the Spurs. Let’s talk about the glass in the Spurs.

Let’s talk about the glass. It’s an organized player. It can be used. Ah, it can help. Celtic’s second Derozan got it. The second question is Hayward. This problem is also the problem of Derozan. Celtic have no time for her now. Do you know if he wants him to do it tomorrow, Celtic would like to do it tomorrow. Celtic would like to be the 76ers, bucks and boarding for so many years.

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Can play the finals to win the championship

From how can I say with Paul George, I first say that the front line is not invincible, not that you have these two players is invincible, also not to say that the strong front can be invincible, can play the finals to win the championship, but this, the risk leadership of Paul George Harrison and Beverly, we say these people’s this.

The risk of series connection, well, there are several substitutes such as a cadre. This is very good. The defensive line is very good. You can play the defensive line without talking about the offensive ability. Sometimes, Bao has a friend who says that Beverly can be counted as well. Yes, it can be counted. Beverly is a multiple of anti-theft three.

This is the only strong point, this strong point is very important, this, preemption only this strong can win, this point can be broken through, the Clippers this front line lock line, then bucks can ah, this win the game, easy to solve ah, in fact, you say simple and simple. It’s complicated and complicated. Ah, it’s individual soldier. I’m not afraid of Paul George and Leonard. I say letters, brother, Zeng Guokun planned his physical quality. Now, his ability is very good for Liang Nader and Paul George. You can fight Paul George alone and a large number of people. Don’t think Leonard and Paul George are good.

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