Everyone that the Laker team has an attitude problem

The clippers, a Laker team, the team’s continuity, digging holes, I have analyzed the game, this, ah, or really can’t, but he won the first place in the west, you can’t say, he can’t do it, right? Or it’s an attitude problem. I told everyone that the Laker team has an attitude problem. It’s very problematic. The team is cynical. Ah, I don’t want to play 82 regular season games. I want to solve the problem quickly and enter the playoff mode directly.

Ah, I start to kill. Right? But 82 games are really long for these old bones and old guys. It’s not a small test. Keeping the whole staff in good shape and avoiding injuries and injuries is their most important task. I can see, ah, repeatedly, digging holes, playing dead in the first half of 2123 sleepwalking. Basically, that’s how they wake up by the third quarter and the fourth quarter.

If you call the game back, you say he has no ability, right? He must be able to rely on a half to catch all the scores back and surpass. He must have the ability, but the attitude is a technical problem. The other side, the clippers, is also the same attitude. There are more problems, ah, repeated sabbaticals, ah physical fitness, so-called physical fitness management.

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The whole life’s career will come to a hasty end

The change of quality, then, the whole life’s career will come to a hasty end. With him, Tang poetry is obvious, and lying on the gun is attractive. Ah, it’s very helpless. You can I have a private match together. Are you really Tang Seng or a more bloody player.

As you can see, it has a lot of balls, ah, many games, a lot of balls. In other words, he only faces the ball. Anyway, he attaches great importance to his own position. Sometimes, most of the time, he still performs well. Well, when you play with Wiggins, you don’t have room to rise, because Wiggins is a ball.

Because he doesn’t have the spirit of struggle and the spirit of being competitive. Ah, playing basketball may be just a job. As a profession, he can change his salary. So, the time is less and less, which is directly wasted and exhausted. So I think this season is over.

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There are two sides of the main line without a master

There are two sides of the main line without a master. For various reasons, ah, confirm. Well, there is no regular double injury between Dunant and Wiggins.

After watching the game, two little rogue teams, ah, two hooligans fighting each other, the game also reached 120 points, the score was very, wonderful, there was no defense on both sides, no matter what, anyway, it was you who provoked you, you threw me to play the data, we were happy, positioning you and brush high marks. 30 degrees, 12 weeks, ah, although that’s the shooting rate, but got a high score, 36 points, high score.

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Now he has a quarter and a half to complete this target of 80%

My opposite game just ended, Bucks treasure seven mistakes, two teams together, average talk about, nine mistakes, right? Now he has a quarter and a half to complete this target of 80%, the score is certainly not up, certainly can not play up, I think ah, of course, special circumstances. We heard that you want to play three, overtime, you can also play up, you can play, 230 yuan also can ah, played four overtime right, right, good things don’t talk about, oh well, well, we mainly talk about ah qiuloff, ah, including, the pioneers, including the early program of the Nuggets said we don’t talk about it.

Maybe, the Nuggets don’t know him very well, so there are netizens, we, ah, we don’t know, but I really don’t want to say that we don’t have time to say that this kind of playoff team doesn’t go to study and she doesn’t know him. Is it right that Kevin love joined the Nuggets and the Nuggets still have one goal. However, I think the response is expanding rapidly and greatly. Ah, because his current record is very good. The underrated is an underestimated western power.

There are so many teams, ah, so many excellent teams. Then, he can play in the position of second and second in the western region, which has fallen out of the top four.

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The same is true of this kind of cooperation

The same is true of this kind of cooperation. We say that it can only be achieved in certain key balls. Ah, when the opponent is not sure, because the individual star has the ability to make a hit, you need to give injections, and there is too much playing time on the field.

The opponents also know and understand it, so there is no new idea, such as Malone and Stockton. If Malone doesn’t work overtime, Malone will be the historical scoring king, Stockton’s historical assists, Wang’s two players are mutual success, right? If you give me the ball, I’ll make sure you don’t waste your pass, your assists you have the number of assists. If there are scoring data, you can relax and I will be relaxed.

Then, what position are they? Look. So the bigger the position is, the better it can be. Dislocation. If there is dislocation, you can have cooperation and you can score easily. If the positions of two players are too close, Paul George directed by Ang Lee is in this position, and his opponent’s defense is also players with the same posture. What advantages do you have? I still don’t quite understand. What’s the significance of your cooperation in the fight? Besides, the cooperation between the stars wastes his physical strength. Just rely on these two players to play.

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The second factor is the management factor

A netizen asked us to answer some questions. I think this question is very good and interesting. It is about which team of Eastern League and Western League is worth looking forward to. Well, we can’t do it first. Let’s talk about the West first. It’s about whether the team can play well. In fact, there are two factors.

The first factor is the players. The second factor is the management factor. Some teams, or some players, have no championship in life. In fact, we can’t blame him personally. Because the team and environment are not so ideal, the team operation and management is also very poor, ah, so, er, here you are.

Although you have an absolute position in this team, maybe, er, this ability and personal ability are also excellent, but you really can’t play well. Why is she.

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The main thing is to talk about it

Put your mind on it. It’s OK to have a look at it. There’s no need for in-depth research. Anyway, you can listen to my program. Ah, anyway, what I know about these things must be used. It must be enough. No matter how many things are useless, we should study them and change the clause next year. What’s the use of graduation? Say what this represents? What’s the implication?

When you see the news, what’s the meaning? I’ll tell you that the idea of the eagles and the fleet is very strange. I asked all the friends in the group that the eagles have too many old players and each has its own. The idea of this team is to manage the opportunity. The team is more disgusting and terrible than some teams to be autocratic. We can’t use the force in this direction in one direction.

At the end, you will fall into mediocrity, which is mediocrity, but in some cases. Dictatorship, or I am a family business, I has the final say, then I have two heads to go, or I will go on, or I will succeed, because NBA has not degraded the system, but it is good that no downgrade but no downgrade is the right thing to do.

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This is a great probability of problems

This year, the next two years, time, this is a great probability of problems, because we know that thunder, team, ah, hold a lot of draft rights, from the Clippers team to change four of seven is real, the other three is up and down can be the first time, then from the missile to the ground also changed four, ah two plus two four.

As a matter of fact, he is holding, ah, there are probably eight or nine draft rights, not counting his own, eight or nine, eight or nine in the next seven years. I forget whether it is eight or nine or seven. But, you can know that she has jealousy and huge talent. In fact, I think it’s a bit too much to choose heroes.

You don’t need so much to rebuild. If you have one or two high-quality ones, you can directly revive them by learning one or two high-quality ones. Other excessive pinching can’t make use of players’ playing time. Ah, if you choose ten rookies to come back, you don’t have time to play.

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This is also the most powerful one

The difference of the attack is so bad, this team can also play more than 130 today, three points are accurate, all shot through the Lakers, live in this game, but to know that his three-point ability is not to say. It’s so bad that he’s just like this. He’s staying in the league. You have to say, he’s going to compete for the championship.

Ah, his level is really not enough. To be honest, if you have this position in the league, there are eight in the west, eight in the East and 156 in the East. This position can be said to be the worst team in the playoffs, but its advantages.

This is also the most powerful one. I believe no one will doubt this. So if you want it to have those and he has outside lines, you’d better be 12 All-Star food all stars to help you play. That’s the best. It’s unrealistic. This is the way the team of the Lakers is. He has to accept this lineup, of course. Now, you can see the problem. The main problem is that it focuses on two aspects. One is the exterior projection. There is no stable output point. There are many things to see. However, sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it doesn’t work well. Ah, these players don’t look like it.

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This confuses the public

The media, I think, are the most hateful group of people who make rumors and make trouble. This confuses the public. They do this kind of thing professionally. Second, I don’t think it is particularly itchy to have the strength to choose the latter. The all star in the second backcourt started. Of course, we also said that because of Owen’s injury, Bill’s injury was only occasional injury, right?

Um, these, er, they left a lot of seats, and then he was selected. There was no way to choose, but his vote was the first, so there was a problem. The first player in the back court deceives me. There is no one in the East. Can’t so many excellent players in the east be elected. His vote is fair and unfair, and it’s hard to achieve a balance. Now, there are so many talented people in Fengxian County, and he can’t choose Tatum to hand over the task.

Can’t choose, right, the guard position, is a group of mobs, ah, filled with this waiting environment, Walker, the sun ah can learn, comprehensive, you say this, what is the level of the East, ah, there are a group of guards in the west can not choose, let alone, the first serve even substitutes can not be selected.Southern League DIY iron on ; sport reflective decals