Russell Westbrook is a man of courage!

The clippers have already talked about Durant, Beverly and Tony Allen. Right? Yesterday’s show, we all talked about today’s documentary report. Tony Allen gave us a long face. I said that whoever comes will be the one, right? Yesterday. Girls Tony Allen praised Beverly this year. It’s true that the ability of the two players to defend Durant is the same in terms of ability, ability, method and technology. So it can be said that they can be compared with each other. Today, it also proves that our statement is not our God, it is our God. Let me talk about the Blazers and the thunder team played 54-54 midfield score. We have to say, now, Wes brookway has less than 3-of-13 shooting rate in the first half of the game, and the less than 2929 shooting rate is very special.

That drop is very, very low and can still play this game. Still waiting to score this score. The Blazers really give the opportunity. They really give the opportunity. In the second half, Wei Shao Wan can’t play like this. He can’t stop shooting, but there is no threat, right? Let’s put the cold gun. Whether you’re shooting the empty gun or shooting the cold gun. From time to time, but don’t be reckless. Try to give the ball as much as possible to Paul George and the railroad in lane. Paul George doesn’t take the task to play. Don’t try to brush triple doubles. When it comes to the playoffs, winning is the key data, right? And as a result. For point guards, it’s useless to have a big head and four limbs. It’s stupid. It’s stupid. Isn’t it

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A surprise move to win!

So, if the Nuggets want to beat the Spurs, I think there is only one way that we can’t play with the Spurs. First of all, we have to break down your main lineup. The complete structure of this lineup is that you have to dialectically. This is the first point. This is a relatively easy way. It must be changed to play 2-1. It’s too late to see that the Spurs are now three to one and you’re changing. As for how to differentiate, we don’t know because we don’t know enough about determination, right? But we still know about the ability and talent to determine the whole staff. Without super class players, without superstars, you can’t play with the Spurs, can’t you. You need to know how the Spurs lose. Yes, how is the law of losing? If you want to find out, then the second method is more practical. The first method is the method that can be pursued now. The second method is the one that can be pursued now.

The way to be radical is that the coach won’t try. He will never try, but it is also a way that you don’t have Kobe, you don’t have Durant and so on. James is not such an athlete. James is a theorist. James is a regular player. James plays rationality. Kobe and Durant are not playing or not playing.

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The Spurs are going into the final!

This morning’s game, the Nuggets played against the Spurs in Game 4. I believe that by now, most fans should be with me. It’s the same point of view, isn’t it? Well, these fans actually don’t count as well. A lot of fans think that the Spurs are OK now. The Spurs should kill jazz, right? But it’s similar to our view, but our view is like this. Er, there are similarities and similarities, but there are also differences. We are very worried about the Nuggets, right? Now it has been proved that this kind of worry is not superfluous, but really exists, right? But some netizens, some Spurs fans raise their hands.

Oh, you see, I’m right. I’m optimistic about the Spurs. 4-14-2 is going to kill the jazz. What I said is right, isn’t it? One or two wins or two series doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a high-level expression. You can talk about all the eight round series. All the four rounds are in place, and the two people behind are in place. The trend of the finals is quite in place. This is the real level. Ah, one or two games, one or two rounds of series, this is not level. It’s just your luck. OK, let’s talk about the Jazz team and. Oh, you have to read about the nature of spurs and nuggets, right

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Kuri changed a generation! Which generation?

Michael Jordan, let us know that basketball can fly, right? Iverson, can let us know that small players can also play so wonderful, right, nursing can let us know that three points can be cast like this.

Oh, my God, if you really have this idea, I think you can change you after watching the ball for a few years without seeing the world. Anyway, it has not changed my generation. I personally think, nothing is very normal. One thing is that our resume is too rich, we have experienced many ups and downs, too many, ah, we have experienced too much, the world is too vast, and the pattern is too big. Well, I don’t think it can change my generation. You can go and have a look. How about it. I don’t quite understand. If the coach doesn’t allow you to vote, do you dare to vote? Do you dare to vote? You, let’s just say that the change of the generation is waiting to be big. It’s too big. It’s just unrealistic. Ah, first of all, the generation of change, then you say change the generation? Anyway, I don’t think so. Who thinks that he has changed himself? Who do you have? Who do you have? Who do you think that Kuri has changed your change? What are you doing? Stand up for me and see if the change has changed, you can cast three more points.

Ah, the three-point shot is getting more and more accurate. The two-point shot is not good. The dribble has not been arranged. Go and shoot the three-point, right

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We lost to the Bucks

Michael and Lillard have the same personal level. You have the same scoring ability. But why is there such a big gap between Michael and Lillard? Ah, the gap is so big, and the brothers are also very good. This condition is also very good. You cultivate and cultivate the absolute core of the team. However, the interlude between him and Lina is, where Lillard is very good at fighting hard battles. In addition, he has a strong ability to create casualties. The difference between Lillard and Michael’s mother lies in the fact that there is an essential difference in the ability to make fouls. The essential difference is that Wei Shao is the same as Wei Shao. It’s very strong to rely on the ability of killing. You should put all your energy on it instead of getting three pairs. It’s not your job, especially the rebounds. The rebounds have nothing to do with your small players. Why not say that Lillard is a very, good and tough player. Role 1: looking at the path of lidard’s whole career, you can see that ah, it was right to kill the Rockets a few years ago, and then to kill today, thunder, the three points, we don’t say luck, I don’t say luck is, hard, the ball is hard, that is to say, life is Lillard’s life.

We remember the most impressive year, the year when the warriors won 73 and lost 10. Some netizens asked me why I said 73 wins 10 losses, 73 plus 10 equals 8382 regular season games. I don’t know. At that time, it was the blood essence of the seventh failure. In fact, you know, this disgrace you have to remember when you were 73 years old. The warriors were crazy that year. When they swept the league, we lost several teams. We could count our hands. We lost to the Bucks, the Pacers and the Pacers.

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There is no regular team fans, regular team fans, ah, I’m angry because of this. You know what? Let’s just talk about it, but you don’t see. Well, the warriors fans fell into a dead silence. Ah, the brains of Kuri and the low-quality fans of low-level level fell into a dead silence. Ah, they won’t beat us, they won’t attack us. First, they are in a dead silence. They are in a low mood and have no empty control. Second, she can’t hit me in the face, because he can’t hit me in the face. You know, sister, look at the rockets being overturned, the 76ers being overturned, ah, and so on. The Spurs and the Nuggets are excited. There are always people who come over and say, hit us in the face. First of all, we never have. If you don’t always think about four to zero, don’t always think, four to zero, right? There isn’t so much four to zero. Of course, if you appear, you can do it and you can achieve your wish, right? And remember to withdraw.

The nets, right? The 76ers, the nets, come out and hit us in the face. It’s just a myth. When did we say that the 76ers will sweep, the nets will definitely be swept by you. Did you say? Ah, right? Well, in any case, the warriors, er, we won’t have black tricks. We just say that the warriors win the warriors and win the warriors are invincible. Ah, we won’t find the black, right? We can see that the quality of the fans is really uneven. The difference between high and low

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Brown letter!

As for tomorrow’s 76ers’ first game against raptors, we’ve done it once before. As for Simmons, Liang and Nader, our judgment is that Simmons and Leonard won’t be able to deal with the stomach. Now Brown is now coach brown, ah ah, dictating that Simmons will cook. The beam of the house, ah, there is also a drag behind, of course, there will be other players to help limit the amount of that, that has to play the 76ers 13-0, ah, the report said and our prediction ah Chen Liang.

On the contrary, the situation is OK. No problem. I think as long as the 76ers can win the Raptors in this series, OK, we will be sure of our defensive strategies and tactics. I’m not the Raptors. Leonard’s going to kill you. Yeah. Simmons is going to take over. Leonard let you know. You will be fouled in two rounds. Raptors, oh, this lineup, all players have attack ability, and all players have defensive ability. It is a very balanced and very balanced team, Liang Na. He has the ability to score high points, but I personally think that taking kidney is the most important. The key individual can cut or not cut high scores, and then the defense core. Ah, Leonard’s defense as an outside player should be integrated, and the attack and defense should be balanced.

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Playing the Spurs also reflects

I said, Jokic, to be the first center of the league, ah, ah, is much more reliable than the probability of Tang poetry, ah, this credibility, but we still have to say that it is actually a technical school. Judging from the players, the ability is OK and lasting. Playing the Spurs also reflects their own strength, right? Well, 30 + 40 + 3 pairs. This kind of data is luxury level. If you can play in the western finals, if you don’t reach the western finals, you can’t tell from the record data. However, we have to say that the heart of technical schools is not popular with people and is not thin. These media in the United States, ah, have recognized it. So I think it is very difficult, er, very difficult. I think it is.

With Peter and for the small family, there is no advantage. There is only one way to play hard, that is, every ball is strong. You know that there is a tiger in the mountain and you have to play again when you know you can’t do it, because there is no way. At the end of the season, we have to listen to the commentary. Even in Xi’an, Kamla has performed well this season, and so on. We, in the season, at the beginning of the season, in November, we can go over the content of the program, we have mentioned all about a certain team, Xi’an, we have been concerned about this athlete since last year. We have grown up very fast and have good talent conditions. You can see this athlete in any competition. Ah, physical ability, talent, jumping speed, explosive force, or this, ah, all are the best in the league

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Gordon’s in terms of midton’s

Let’s talk about Bradshaw, which is a hot discussion among netizens. Well, how to say it? We said that the Bucks team was not bad, but that the Bucks would be in. The contract of bradeso, the foundation industry that dominates the eastern region and establishes meritorious deeds, has a lot of problems. It’s a very embarrassing contract. If you give it, you can still make a reliable contract in the future. Well, you can do something about it. I want to tell you that I will. My friends said that there are some contracts. Don’t look at them. They are big, right? Don’t look at them. Sometimes they are really useful and can be thrown away. It’s embarrassing that some contracts can’t go up or down. It’s embarrassing that they don’t accept or accept them. They are very troublesome contracts.

Some teams, ah, want you to take the big contract, directly cut off the amnesty, this is a simple thing, such as this kind of contract, you say, can not withdraw, ah, special step, characteristics, he is very difficult to say, very troublesome, um, so I think it is bucks. The operation may also have a reason. We say that everything has a reason. Maybe I think that after thinking for a long time, it is possible that he threw stones to ask for the way. This is only for bradeso to show Middleton and others. You can’t get the slow big contract during the four years, right. I personally think it’s quite good. It’s not as good as Gordon’s in terms of midton’s, Mi’s, Roddy’s, and Lopez’s, right? How big can our contract be? Middleton’s 28 million less can you handle it. If the salary is raised compared with last year, ah, ah, there is a lot now. My friend is saying that the ratings have dropped sharply, right? Next year’s salary cap may be reduced, right? But I think it’s almost the same. If it goes down, it won’t drop much. The annual income is guaranteed. Well, if it really drops, it may be a new crisis.

It’s not just the warriors that have bad luck, but the other teams as well.

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Celtic tired of Parry!

What’s more, the defense of Celtic team is different from that of other teams. Ah, other teams don’t have such players. So, defense, ah, because they don’t say much about it. They waste their time. The second team is the warriors. The warriors. This team is terrible. They want to play with you, gentlemen. They play with you.

If you want to play barbarism with him, he will play with you. She is an ordinary room. She can also strengthen defense, ah, improve defense. He can do this kind of antagonism, and it is even more powerful than you. You can see the Celtic warriors playing clippers. That’s right. That’s it. When you start, Livingston will come up and die. This is to use the strongest defense, use the strongest defense attitude to treat you death, five small direct, strangle you, this shows the extraordinary face, is you, Celtic team you, warrior’s attack, always said Celtic team a warrior to hit him, so ah, the Rockets are the same ah, the Rockets are the third in the league. The team, ah, the third defense and defense, we say defense, ah, the style of the team, the third team, what form, we can’t understand this set of rockets, defense form, we can’t understand other teams are not the same, can’t understand the form, so three teams, then you have friends can. Well, just tell me, ah hope, tell me I didn’t understand it anyway. The first one is Celtic team, and the second episode is warriors. You should remember that warriors are changeable to this team

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