The clippers and the Los Angeles team

The clippers and the Los Angeles team predicted that they had finished last night. They didn’t update here. I’m sorry to say it here. It’s more relaxed. Thank you very much for your support all the time. Now Himalaya gives it to me. The best of the month, hehe, we have held a small award, ah, a symbol of victory. Thank you very much for Himalaya. If I remember the game correctly, the clippers and the Lakers both won 2-0 ahead of the Lakers in the first two games. There is one game here that is now back in April. Then there is a make-up game. It would be ideal if we could play 2-2. If we could not play 20-2 or 0-4, it would not hurt. As I said before, ah, if the Lakers want to be healthy, they don’t play the playoffs. The western finals and the finals are the best. The clippers are actually the same. The goal of both teams is the same.

The desire to fight, both sides, are not very strong, I understand, ah, but, you can see some problems, before we repeatedly stressed that Lu Wei, a player, has a fundamental problem for the clippers, that is, heavy attack and light defense, no defense, no defense, you can see a 15 plus 20 plus. Well, you’re sorry. The Clippers are on the defensive. Bradley Caruso, the one who’s been strongly targeted on this side, even Rondo, can beat up the evil dew. How much is the value of shortlisted for the clippers, right? Great. Luwei is very valuable to the Clippers.

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Baseball News

On September 3, 1977 ad, world baseball, Wang Zhenzhi, broke the record and mentioned baseball. Most people would feel strange, or vaguely know that it is a very popular sport in the United States and Japan. As far as Japan is concerned, baseball has become the most popular sport in this island country since the 19th century with the west wind and Meiyu. After Dongyang, it has become the most popular sport in Japan in recent years However, when it comes to the market structure of professional sports, it is still difficult to shake. Baseball is the national game of Japan. In the history of more than one hundred years of Japanese baseball, numerous well-known stars have emerged, far more popular than entertainment stars. Among them, the star who has created many mythical records of Japanese baseball and even the world baseball is one.

Born in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province, the Chinese name is Wang Zhenzhi. In 22 years of professional player career, Wang Zhenzhi has hit 868 home runs in total, which has created a world record that is hard to come from before. It helps Tokyo, Japan. The giant team won the Japanese Professional Baseball League for nine years in a row. In 1977, he won the first Japanese national honor. At that time, Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda personally awarded her the first and only aircraft to win the award. Japanese nationality, after retiring in 1980, the giants retired his No.1 Jersey forever. Later, Wang Zhenzhi started his own brilliant coaching career and once led the team to win the Japanese championship. In 2006, he even became the head coach of the Japanese national baseball team. The Japanese team won the first World Cup goal classic game against Cuba. Wang Zhenzhi’s achievements in the Japanese baseball field are amazing. Wang Zhenzhi, the three words, has almost become the synonym of the king of baseball, which is well known in Japan.

Although he refused to naturalize Japanese nationality, the baseball king was born and raised in the suburb of Tokyo, Japan. His father, Wang Shifu, was born in the poor countryside of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In 1922, he traveled to Japan with his fellow countrymen to earn a living. In the next 60 years, she married her Japanese wife and opened a large-scale Chinese restaurant in the outskirts of Tokyo to raise children. She even became a daughter. Wang Zhenzhi, the youngest child of the family, even got more love from her father. The business of the Chinese restaurant her father ran was surprisingly good. Since she was a child, Wang Zhenzhi, who had no shortage of clothes, little food and so on, lived in Beijing It’s because of his nickname of 50 times young master. His family background allows Wang to devote himself to baseball without any scruples. In high school, he has become a young star concerned by the whole of Japan. However, just when he first appeared, Wang Zhenzhi felt that he was not 18 years old like other Japanese children for the first time. He was refused to participate in the sports games of the Republic of Japan Because he doesn’t have Japanese nationality, although he is still in front of his teammates, he is in his heart.

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There is an increasing trend of confirmed cases of NFL players’ new titles

The NFL medical director has advised players not to train on their own to avoid infecting the COVID-19, but in order to prepare for the new season, it is necessary for players to pick up rugby at this time, especially for quarterback. As the NFL has not yet opened the training ground, players must find a place to practice in private if they want to train. The packer quarterback Aaron Rogers said in an interview that he has several “secret bases” for practicing. Although not opening the training ground of the team can avoid a wide range of infection, but in a relatively open environment, autonomous training will increase the probability of players getting sick.

Although the current situation may not affect the NFL’s new season, but we must consider after the start of the league, if there is a small range of new crown outbreak among players, what should the league do. In addition, if a player is diagnosed, is the whole team suspended from play isolation or how to deal with it, and then how to arrange the schedule? These are all issues that the League should consider in advance.

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What kind of point guard is George Hill?

Steady play, main rotation level, all kinds of skills are above the standard, excellent defense ability, high ball business, good at controlling their own emotions, willing to share the ball, good overall view, the only weakness is that the sports ability is not strong, but also in the upper middle level, after the age of some decline in the state, but the team does not need him as the first attacker, the key moment as Good performance.

George Hill is not only a superstar, but also has high business, strong defensive ability, good consciousness and stability. A lot of people neglect a little. Whether it’s the Spurs, the walkers or the bucks (not to mention the Cavaliers and the eunuchs), Hill’s performance is undoubtedly good. Maybe his performance is not as good as before due to his age and injury, but it doesn’t affect my opinion that he is a good player. He is very modest and solid, which I think is very good

Who is the best at breaking the joint defense in NBA?

The joint defense is mainly aimed at the break-up of single game, and the break-up of low level single game or breakthrough is the most easily restricted. However, the position of joint defense determines that this kind of defense strategy has no way for the players or teams with strong three-point goal. This is why many teams adopt joint defense after the legalization of joint defense at the beginning of this century. After entering the second decade, the level of the league’s three-point goal has been improved. Joint defense Less and less. The final highlight of the joint defense should be the 11 year finals. Dallas Mavericks used the joint defense to limit James, and succeeded in winning the championship in a negative situation. At that time, James, who was not good at projection, was struggling in front of the joint defense.

The way to break the joint defense is also very simple. The first is the three-point ball. The position of the joint defense determines that when they make up the three-point ball, they are prone to “press the gourd and get up the gourd”. The three-point shooter, especially the three-point shooter like Curie and harden, who can hold the ball and play directly, is the most headache of the joint defense. A famous example is the playoffs between the Mavericks and the Timberwolves in 2003. The Timberwolves adopted the joint defense tactics, which eventually led to the three-point explosion of the Mavericks. The Timberwolves were swept 3-0, in which Nowitzki threw 70% of the three-point ball hit rate! Of course, the joint defense can not be the iron Han Han tactics of the fixed position being shot dead by the three-point ball. They can also expand the defensive range, pull the player’s position out, and expand the player’s defensive radiation range to the three-point line. In this way, the attacking players can choose to quickly transfer the ball and empty cut without the ball in addition to three points. At this time, the team needs a big man who has the ability of organization and strategy, such as chasing dreams, asking teachers and sister-in-law. Because the joint defense players will move to the strong side with the transfer of the ball, and the big man who is good at passing can pass the ball to the weak side teammates with a better vision, Tear open the defense.

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Which of the six runners up James lost is the most regrettable?

Apart from that year’s injury Cavaliers played warriors, they were all educated by strong teams. It’s no pity. Instead, I’m glad that in 2013, g616, G7 teammates scored that key 3 points. How much luck do you have. If it’s 11 years, it’s a pity that his performance is too poor. He should not make so many mistakes himself, or he is willing to complete Wade’s fmvp to defend seriously. It’s a pity that it’s just a little short of success.

Except in 2007, it was a pity. The second decade of the 21st century was supposed to be James’s decade of harvest. Results James had the most dominant 5 years (11-15), 2 Championships and 3 Asia. In 15 years, even if only one of Lefebvre’s injuries occurred, he was injured. It turned out to be a 1-1 draw against warriors, and Owen has evolved into a playoff superstar. As a result, Durant joined the warriors to hang and beat the knights for 2 years. Take out 2007, 11, 15, hold one year, 17, 18 Durant don’t join the warriors. I think it’s about the rate and the warriors from 1-1 to 2-2. This should be more than two champions. Nine finals and five champions should be the normal level of James. It’s not a loan, it’s just a trick sometimes.

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Was Kobe Bryant the first in the league?

Was Kobe Bryant the first in the league?

The answer is yes.

“One” if the definition of the first person in the League refers to personal ability, that is, the influence of an individual on the outcome of a game, then Kobe Bryant was the first person in the league in 2006-10. Especially in the two seasons of 05-06 and 06-07, when Kobe did not give the suck to his Lakers, he led the team forward alone. In the two seasons, Kobe averaged 35.4 points and 31.6 points, and was the only two scoring champion in his career. The 81 points that everyone knew were in the 05-06 season. In this period, although Bryant’s personal data is gorgeous, he has no choice but to play alone. The team stopped in the first round of the playoffs for two consecutive years (all lost to suns). Since the 2007-08 trade came to gasao, with the help of the inside line, although Kobe Bryant’s personal score has declined, after all, the offensive task can be shared, but the Lakers began to break out, three consecutive years (08-10) into the finals, and won two consecutive titles (09-10), Kobe Bryant also won the MVP in the 2007-08 season. In 2006-10, if you have to choose a player who is the biggest threat to other teams, then this person is Kobe Bryant.

Second, if the definition of the first player in the League refers to the comprehensive strength of personal data, honor, influence and team performance, then Kobe Bryant was the first player in the league in 2008-10.

Player degradation and competitiveness decline.

James boasted that if he didn’t win the east division championship G6 in 2012, the three giants might have been dissolved. “My mindset was that if we lost, Pat Riley would probably tear us apart,” James recalled in the interview. I don’t want it to happen. It’s going to be the fastest break-up in NBA history. If I don’t play at the historical level in that game, my historical position will suffer a huge blow. ” In the end, James made a great impact, not only never came off the court in the first three quarters, but also got 45 points and 15 rebounds to help the heat catch up with each other, and then went to the championship to beat back thunder and win the first title of his career. By the time of the second championship, Wade had begun to suffer from injury and illness. Although the players played their respective roles, the whole team was totally dependent on James’s adverse play, and finally relied on Ray Allen’s three-point survival. It can be seen that everyone has made every effort. In 2014, the 32-year-old Wade suffered from knee injury, his condition was uncertain, not even a back-to-back game, and he was absent for a time It can be said that Wade is the barometer of the heat. He will have no worries in James. Without him, James will have more pressure. Without the lighting of lightning, the emperor’s heavenly power is not majestic enough. However, the fact that the heat have run out of resources to build their team is indisputable. They are getting older, weaker and have less options for new aid.

A detailed explanation of baseball field and defensive position

Position 1: pitcher [1] (pitcher, usually abbreviated as P) interested partners can click pitcher to learn more details

A pitcher is a batter who is responsible for throwing the ball to the attacker in a baseball game. He is usually regarded as the soul of the game. If there is a live broadcast, the most shots are basically the most pitchers (the ball starts only when the pitcher starts the game) and it is basically the most handsome and attractive position.

The pitcher is divided into left and right pitches according to the pitcher’s habitual hand. The common pitches are divided into three types: fast ball (straight ball), variable speed ball and change ball. [the change ball can be subdivided into a variety of change balls, and interested students can make their own Baidu text introduction or video] the winning and losing pitchers account for 40% of a game

Position 2: catcher [2] (usually abbreviated as C) interested partners can click the catcher to learn more details

Catcher is responsible for cooperating with pitcher, catching pitcher’s pitches and catching ground ball near home base in baseball game. It is called “brain in baseball field“.

The job of catcher is to guide the pitcher to match the ball and command the position of the defensive player on the field, to prevent the attacker from stealing the base, and to guard the home base to prevent the other player from scoring. In professional games, because the catcher has to catch pitchers whose speed is often more than 130 kilometers per hour, or even more than 150 kilometers per hour, they are often hit by the batter’s wipe baseball, and they have to deal with the other player’s slide to score safely, so the catcher is the one with the most equipment and the most perfect protection in all defensive positions. (it’s like changing)

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In June 13th, 36 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Beijing. What is the current situation of prevention and treatment?

From 0:00 to 24:00 on June 13, 36 locally confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infection case were newly reported, without any new suspected cases, according to the website of Beijing health and Health Commission. As of 24:00 on June 13, 463 local confirmed cases, 411 discharged, 43 in hospital and 9 died. One case of asymptomatic infection was observed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections were imported from abroad from 0 to 24 June 13th. As of 24:00 on June 13, 174 confirmed cases imported from abroad, 173 discharged and 1 in hospital were reported.

There are 12 districts in the city that have not reported any new confirmed cases for more than 14 consecutive days, specifically Pinggu District has no reported cases since the epidemic, Yanqing District 142 days, Mentougou District 132 days, Huairou District 128 days, Shunyi District 126 days, Miyun District 123 days, Shijingshan District 121 days, Changping District 117 days, Tongzhou District 115 days, Dongcheng District 99 days, Haidian District 82 days, Chaoyang District 59 days.