How did Lori and Pau Gasol support Leonard in the game?

Leonard, as a middle distance single player who doesn’t eat space at the offensive end, and a single defense arrow who doesn’t need much protection from his teammates at the defensive end, is in and

Teammates echoed the core player is less – type.

He is not like a defender, he needs to use cover frequently, he is not like a center, he has to wait for his teammates to give the ball or block it, and he is not like a big core player who needs a team

Friends provide space and internal support.

Leonard’s game style is relatively “independent” and doesn’t need any linkage support from his teammates. Many middle distance superstars have this feature

Zheng, it’s decided by fighting.

So in general, this kind of star does not eat the system and can play any routine, but the bonus radiation and bonus to the system are also limited, and the system is separated

In general, they don’t see much change.

That’s why last year’s regular season Raptors were a lot more fierce than Leonard.

So it will leave an impression on many people that this kind of singles star usually drifts away from the system, that is to come out to attack when he wants to be strong

It doesn’t seem to have any particularly complicated work.

But the game is played by five people. Leonard, as the most attacking and defending star in the league, may not choose the support of his teammates, but Raptors can

It’s not for Leonard to finish with a few shots.

If we look closely, we will find that last year’s playoffs, for example, Leonard’s participation in the game is quite high, not just mixing distance

It can be seen that, in this process, it’s really little Jia and Rory who provide considerable support at both ends of the attack and defense.

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What are the major international badminton events

Badminton, like table tennis, is one of the traditional competitive events in our country, which has attracted great attention in the world. Friends who love badminton are bound to pay attention to the major badminton events held around the world. Now let’s introduce the world major Badminton Games hosted by the International Badminton Federation, such as Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, world badminton championship, Sudiman cup, etc!

What are the major international badminton events

  1. Thomas Cup

That is, the world men’s team badminton championship, held its first competition in 1948, is now held once every two years, in even years. The game consists of three singles and two doubles.

  1. Uber Cup

That is, the world women’s team badminton championships, the first competition started in 1956, once every two years, in even years. The game consists of three singles and two doubles.

  1. World Badminton Championship

The world badminton championships. There are five events for men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. It has been held every three years since 1977, and every two years since 1983, in odd years.

  1. Sudiman cup

The world badminton mixed team game. Since 1989, it has been held once every two years in odd years. The competition consists of men’s and women’s singles and men’s doubles.

  1. World Cup Badminton

As an invitation competition, the International Badminton Federation invites the players with outstanding performance to participate in it. Founded in 1981, in 1997, the International Badminton Federation decided to change from 1998 to host the star game with the participation of the world’s determined editors, and prepare to try the Grand Slam event with rich prize money.

Vancouver plus fans quick strategy

NHL’s first entry into China in one hundred years not only cheered and encouraged the ice fans in China, but also further enhanced the Chinese people’s attention to ice hockey. Although the NBA, which is one of the four major professional leagues in North America, has entered China earlier than NHL, with the coming of the 2022 Winter Olympic cycle in Beijing, ice hockey, a sport with speed and passion, will surely be favored by more Chinese people.

So when the NHL China game is coming, Xiaobian specially prepared a quick strategy for the fans of the two teams for the ice hockey fans and many sports fans who have just come into contact with the ice hockey and pay attention to the ice hockey, so that you can become a senior fan of the Los Angeles Kings or the wego Huajia team in minutes, so that when you watch the NHL China game on the spot or discuss with other ice fans When the topic is closed, it will definitely become the “God” in other people’s eyes! Today we are bringing you a quick strategy from the Vancouver Canadians fans.

When it comes to the Vancouver Canadian team, we have to mention the “sardins brothers”. They are not only the “sharp edge” on the vanguard team’s front line, but also the most outstanding pair of brothers in the history of NHL. In the 2016-2017 season, Henrik sadin, the elder brother of the current captain of the Vancouver Canadian team, refreshed his personal score to 1000 points in the regular season against the Florida Jaguar, becoming the first player in the history of the Canadian team to get 1000 points. What’s more, Henrik beat his friend and former teammate Roberto Luongo with the help of his brother Daniel. Today, let’s talk about the story of the saiding brothers and the Vancouver Canadians.

Who will win the League of nations and the United States

On January 22, Beijing time, NFL’s final four came to the stage. New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, they may not be the fans’ favorite, but to the League final, these four teams are the strongest this season!

On NFL Football app, there are a lot of questions about these four teams. Most of them are about patriots, but the other three are not the little cabbage that nobody cares about. I’m not a player, I can’t decide who can go to the Super Bowl proudly; I’m not a dealer, and I won’t let anyone win. However, I can at least have a good chat with you in my one acre and three Fen land.

(1) What are the games and times in the League finals?

In the final of the League of nations, the Philadelphia Eagles host the Minnesota Vikings at 7:40 on January 22, Beijing time; in the final of the League of America, the Patriots of New England host the Jacksonville Jaguar at 4:05 on January 22.

(2) Where can I watch the live game?

There are four plus media in mainland China for live broadcast of the two games, namely: Guangdong sports, five-star sports, Tencent sports and BST. Here are two live Tencent links:

USA final: Patriot vs Jaguar

FIFA final: Eagles vs Vikings

In addition, considering that the game time is early Monday morning, NFL Football app also prepared a live text broadcast for students who are inconvenient to watch the game. The war report and the collection after the match must be indispensable!

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NHL China game of North American professional hockey league first landed in China in September

On March 30, NHL and Huaxi International Investment Group Co., Ltd. held a press conference in LETV sports ecological center of Huaxi live ยท Wukesong, announcing that the two sides reached an agreement. Starting from the 2017-18 season, NHL will come to China in the future and hold two Chinese games every year, which is the first time that the world’s highest level professional ice hockey league has settled Country.

The Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks played in the 2017 NHL China match. On September 21, they played two games in Shanghai and 23 in Beijing, among which the Beijing game will be held in LETV sports ecological center.

Gary Bateman, President of the North American professional hockey league, Matthew Schneider, special assistant to the president of the players’ Union of the North American professional hockey league, Luke roberttaylor, President of the Los Angeles Kings, Trevor Linden, President of the Vancouver Canadian team, Michelin, Canadian ambassador to China, Chen Jie, deputy director of the Beijing Sports Bureau, Li Jingqi, director of the Haidian District Sports Bureau of Beijing, Huaxi International Investment Zhao Yan, chairman of the group, attended the conference.

Gary Bateman, President of the North American professional hockey league, said in his speech that today is a historic moment for the North American professional hockey league. Everyone knows that the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, and China is also vigorously developing ice and snow sports. The North American professional Ice Hockey League hopes to bring hundreds of years of historical experience of the League to China through long-term cooperation with partners, so as to promote the rapid development of ice hockey in China. It is expected that there will be more ice fans and more and more people engaged in ice hockey in China.

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Elliott: the beginning is the peak. The future is mine.

If you focus on last year’s NFL, you can’t ignore Dallas Cowboys rookie runner Ezekiel Elliot. In his first full season of career, the young man won the top running guard of the world’s top American Football League. In his rookie season, he made 1631 yards and was selected into the career bowls that many players could not be selected in their career. Although his off-site news is as numerous as the topics he makes on the court, and most of them are not positive news, there is an old saying that goes well: “a thousand troops are easy to get, but a tiger is hard to get.”. It’s not worth mentioning that in front of such a drooling personal ability, in front of the public, exposed abdominal muscles, rumors of domestic violence, opened the bra of female friends in public – Cowboys, it’s just crazy.

Of course, that’s why Elliott took this group of body photos for ESPN during the off-season. All the time, Elliott was not willing to show everything. Elliott also revealed some of his inner world in an interview with ESPN.

“I don’t know if people understand how much we’ve done behind our careers. The competition in our league is cruel. It’s very difficult to keep a high standard in such a competitive league. There are games every week. It’s too difficult.

The hardest part is that you need to find ways to stay in shape at all times. Every week you have a game. After the game, you will be very tired and need to rest, but maybe such a rest can only last for one or two days. Then you have to go back to the strength room and let yourself continue to burn. At this time, you will be in great pain. But this is your purgatory. “

“It has become a habit for me to go through this process day by day. It has become a part of my life. I’m a rugby player and I want to be the best. When you are too tired to walk or lift your legs, it’s the time you should stick to it. “

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How to block a stolen base?

If the pitcher throws a ball that does not pass the good zone, that is to say, if the hitter does not swing the ball, it will be counted as a bad ball. At this time, the hitter swings the ball and plays the ball in the boundary. Do you want to start running base? If there is no catch, touch, or block / kill, is it a success? Or can the hitter only play the ball through the strike zone? There is no limit, good ball can play, bad ball can also play, but it is not recommended that the players wave without brains (commonly known as “blind several strokes”). Although it is said that as long as they wave, there is a probability of hitting, hit, there is a probability of being hit. But when the player strikes, he should know how to choose good ball to play and let go of bad ball. The rate of chasing bad ball is an important data to measure the player’s ability of choosing ball. So, as long as you hit the ball in bounds, the hitter must run, even if the defensive side makes a mistake to send a base up. Even to the extreme, as long as the ball can be hit out, run and run first. Besides, it’s not against the rules to get out of the base to hit the out of bounds batter, but the upper base is invalid.

About stealing bases. Base stealing can’t be blocked. As long as the runner wants to steal base and leave the original base bag, the defender must touch the ball to kill him out, even if he wants to return to the original base bag. That is to say, according to your hypothesis, the runner wants to steal the third base, and the catcher passes the ball to the third base At that time, the third baseman just needs to hold the ball and wait for the runner in front of the base bag, and then safely touch him out. Of course, if the runner finds something wrong, he can run back. Then the third baseman must pass the ball back to the shortstop or the second baseman to help prevent them from hitting the runner before the second basebag.

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Adidas and NHL reach a 7-year contract, change the marketing strategy and re layout

On September 15, NHL signed an official contract with Adidas, a German sports giant, to become the official sponsor of NHL’s jerseys and helmets in the next seven years.

The seven-year contract will start in 2017 / 18 and Adidas will replace its sister brand Reebok, which has sponsored NHL for nearly a decade.

Adidas beat bids from rivals under armour and ball hockey for $70 million a year, Canadian television TSN reported.

The terms of the contract indicate that Adidas will also be the official partner of NHL’s Hockey World Cup next year. The competition will be held from September 17 to October 1 in the Canadian Aviation Center Stadium in Toronto.

The formal signing of the contract means that Adidas will change its business strategy. With the expiration of the contract with NFL and NBA, the market focus of Adidas in North America will shift from cooperation with the League to the strategy focusing on personal endorsement. Adidas announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Connor McDowell, the 2015 NHL draft winner of the Edmonton oilman team. As early as January this year, mark king, President of Adidas North America, announced that he would sign endorsement agreements with up to 250 NFL players and 250 MLB players in the next three years. Then, in March, Adidas announced that it would not renew its contract after its 11 year term with the NBA expired.

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Simple science popularization of 25 and 40 people list of MLB

The players who play in the major league games must be put on the 25 person list. The alias of the active roster and the 40 person list is the so-called expanded roster. In addition to the list of 25 players, plus 15 players, it becomes the list of 40 players. The additional 15 players usually can’t play in the major league, but in the minor league. But the other meaning is: these 15 people are looked at by the team.

Lin Ziwei, Taiwan player of the Boston Red Sox, is currently on the active roster 25.

From the distribution of 25 members of the Red Sox, we can see that:

There are 12 pitchers, 5 starters and 7 backup pitchers.

2 catchers, 1 on court, 1 rotation

6 infield players, 4 players, 2 rotation

Four outfielders, three on court, one in rotation, and one designated hitter (unique to the United States, a hitter who does not need to play defense)

There are 25 players who can play in the major league from the opening to September 1. From September 1, 40 people can play in the major league and play at any time, commonly known as September expansion. And 25, 40 people list is closely related to the optional assignment and disable list (wounded list, hereinafter referred to as DL).

Take Wang Jianmin as an example. First of all, the player who signed the major league contract must be on the 40. However, in 2005, Wang Jianmin’s contract with the Yankees was a minor league contract, which was put on the list of 40 players. At this time, Wang Jianmin was called “the league’s optional assignment” (OA for short). A rookie player can have three seasons of OA after being put into the 40 player list. In these three seasons, he can freely rise and fall in the major league and minor league for unlimited times.

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How to evaluate the “ice hockey king” Wayne gresky?

Almost 10 years in a row, the one who interrupted him was a three-time MVP. Many other data don’t need to be listed. It’s really a level that you can beat even if you don’t know hockey. By contrast, Jordan’s data dominance in the NBA is all pediatrics. To transform Gretzky’s ability into a basketball player, Jordan is almost hanged. Gretzky is the most undoubted goat in the four major leagues in North America in terms of data (another goat is baseball’s Babe Ruth, but he has room to be challenged in terms of performance, which is greatly increased by other aspects).

It’s God. It’s God. It’s the best hockey player in history

The score of ice hockey is the total number of goals and assists, while Gretzky’s total score is still the first in the history of the whole league, even if all goals in his career are not counted.

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