The 100 day haze of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea

When it comes to the Olympic Games, the latest hot topic is that at the end of October, the Sixth International Olympic Committee (IOC) summit announced the recognition of the sports identity of e-sports, and seriously considered whether to include E-sports in the Olympic system in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

But in this heat, everyone seems to forget that the opening of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea is actually less than 100 days away. On February 9, 2018, Pingchang Winter Olympic Games will start a 17 day journey. At that time, more than 2900 athletes from 95 countries and regions will compete for 102 gold medals.

The first lady of the United States, Melania, participated in the “girls play 2” activity to promote the participation of young girls in sports and promote the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games. In her hands are the black and white tigers “soohorang” and “bandabi”, mascots of the Pingchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

However, even when trump visited South Korea, his wife was dedicated to the Olympic platform. In the sports media and the public opinion of sports fans, in addition to the doping dispute between Russia and 17 countries, the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games did not seem to produce enough sound.

Perhaps, not too much multimedia attention is to protect the Korean people Because when you get to know it closely, you can make complaints about the Winter Olympics in Pingchang, South Korea, which are a lot more difficult than even being rivled by Rio around the world 1 years ago.

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What was your favorite NBA team?

If we say that we used to like the most, the rocket is probably irreplaceable. The story begins with the combination of Yao and mai. They entered the playoffs in the first year and returned home with a 2-0 advantage. Just when I thought they were going to finish the series at Toyota Center, they lost two dramatic games in a row, and finally lost seven. What was the pain I experienced that year. Two years later, the rocket rallied to meet the Iron-blooded Jazz led by Sloan. It was the same 2-0 lead, the same 2-2 draw. Vaguely remember that year’s snatch of seven, I caught the fourth quarter, the rocket was 8 points behind, and everyone was expecting Rocketman to turn over, but they really worked hard, once leading by 5 points, but they failed to resist the Jazz’s counterattack at the last moment In, I realized what is regret. Another year has passed. It’s the jazz of last year who is waiting for them. But Yao Ming is not here this year. McGrady is guarding the space city with diamonds, streetball king and Batman. It’s just that the rocket lacks an important propeller. The gap between the rocket and the jazz is visible to the naked eye. Finally, it’s out of the game. That year, I realized what is helplessness. Fate seems to have been teasing the Rockets. It’s not easy to wait for Artest to help, but McGrady has been reimbursed this season. However, that year, Yao finally broke the virgin of the first round of the playoffs. After taking the Blazers, he waited for Kobe’s Lakers to see Battier’s bloody head, watching Yao Ming’s painful cry after his injury, and then the return of the king, Maybe the Rockets in those days were not as powerful as those led by Hadden, but at that time, all the Rocketmen were willing to defend the honor of the city with their bodies. That year I was filled with tears.

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In depth cross-border ice hockey and football industry, what would org like to achieve through sports?

As Origen’s boss, Zhou Yunjie, 57, still plays hockey 1-2 times a week.

As an enterprise that provides metal packaging for Qingdao beer, red bull, jiaduobao, Dongpeng teyin, Yili, Feihe milk powder, Budweiser beer and other brands, org has long been standing behind the scenes as a manufacturer of metal packaging to “make a fortune“. In 2017, org’s annual revenue was 7.342 billion, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 704 million yuan, and gross profit margin of metal packaging business was 31.11%.

In the past few years, with the transformation of Org into a “FMCG packaging integrated service provider” strategy, it needs to move more to the front of the stage. Sports is one of the helpers that Origen uses. Ice hockey and football are the two pillars of Org’s sports business.

In August 2018, org announced that its Olympic sports and Kunlun Hongxing ice hockey club signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly form Kunlun Hongxing org ice team and participate in the 2018 / 19 silk road ice hockey Super League. Origen’s Olympic rink, which was built last year in Beijing’s crab island, will be the team’s main venue.

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France has confirmed 2444 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases, totaling 22300 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has risen to 22300 cases in France and 1100 deaths in France, Salomon, director of health services, 24, said.

In the past 24 hours, there have been 2444 new confirmed cases and 240 new deaths in France, Salomon said at a news conference. So far, 3281 people have been cured and discharged.

Salomon said the outbreak in France was “rapidly deteriorating”. At present, 10176 people are being treated in hospitals, of which 2516 are in intensive care units.

According to a new law published on the website of the French official gazette, France has entered a “health emergency” for two months. According to the law, in order to fight against the epidemic, the government can restrict or prohibit people’s travel, take isolation measures, restrict assembly activities, and order the temporary closure of enterprises and institutions.

The best sport in the world should be ice hockey

Is ice hockey the best sport in the world? Hey, man, are you kidding me? Ice hockey, is that group of the people wearing heavy clothes holding clubs in ice to chase a piece of the black rubber.. Sports?

If your work is related to “ice hockey”, I think you probably explain this unique ice sport to others. Yes, when you don’t know enough about hockey, you really can’t understand the charm of the sport, but I still want to say that it’s the best sport in the world, no doubt.

A wonderful performance on the huge ice

What do football, basketball and baseball have in common? They play on solid ground, not a piece of ice that makes your heart chill. You don’t need to step on sharp steel. I’m not saying that people who play basketball, baseball and football are not serious and good players, but they seem to be a little less talented than ice hockey players who stand upright on the ice and combine speed and agility perfectly. If you want to refute me that this is nothing, then I don’t know what to say, because ice hockey is the best in my heart!

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Why does CCTV 5 + broadcast the North American professional hockey league?

First of all, because of the impact of the Internet on traditional media, CCTV 5’s former unique situation is slowly being eroded. If you look at the NBA’s numerous provincial satellite TV and websites, you can see the broadcast, and then you can see how important it is for the leadership of CCTV 5 to expand the new path and direction. If you look at the “talk now – 30 years of Chinese sports broadcasting” written by Ma Guoli, former CCTV 5 director, you can see that his response to the traditional media, namely sports, when the new media comes, is HD sports broadcasting. This is the birth of CCTV 5 +. And ice hockey, such as foreign high-level leagues, can not only attract real sports fans, but also make full use of the advantages of HD (standard definition basically can’t see the ball). This is the requirement of the times, this is one.

Secondly, the national bid for the Winter Olympic Games is a great historical opportunity. CCTV, as a national media, of course, needs to do the corresponding work and preparation. It is important to know that in China, the main events of the Winter Olympic Games are curling, short track speed skating, which Chinese teams may win gold, but for the Winter Olympic Games, the biggest event is always ice hockey. No matter what Putin said in the Sochi Winter Olympics: I would rather use other gold medals to win the ice hockey Russia team, or go back to the US Soviet century duel in the Presid Winter Olympics last century. Ice hockey is the undisputed leader in the Winter Olympics. Or so to say, ice hockey for the Winter Olympics is equivalent to football plus basketball plus volleyball plus countless ball games for the Summer Olympics. If the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are really held in Beizhang, it is not too late to popularize ice hockey now. You know, in the Toronto Maple Leaf team, there are even small Chinese players in training. In 2022, they will be fighting. This is the task of society, this is two.

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How do you think Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay pirates?

It’s easy to say from the pirate team. It’s reasonable to recruit a top quarterback. The team has a lot of offensive weapons. Brady can directly improve the team’s scoring ability. On the one hand, the lineup should be allocated to lower the record, on the other hand, the reserve talents should be supplemented as soon as possible. Brady is a good buffer period during his service, which gives the uniform team more time to explore talents.

The central idea is: Brady lost his heart to win the championship, changed to a team without pressure to provide for the aged, and earned the last big contract by the way. The combination of the two seems to be a win-win situation, but there are always some hidden dangers. Brady’s 20-year career has been under the pressure of Patriot coach bilicek. He needs to take the lead in restructuring the contract and be spurred by the coach during training. In order to maintain the team atmosphere, Brady is a model representative of the three good students. These pressures brought him six titles and accumulated a lot of resentment. It is said that the relationship between Brady and bilicek has deteriorated in recent years. Brady left the coach who suppressed him for 20 years and suddenly had the feeling of an independent adult. How the pirate team cooperates with the goat will be a very promising thing. If Brady can continue to maintain his professionalism after leaving bilicek, it will be a good story. As the thing that the melon eaters and even the blackies are more willing to see, Brady’s got aura lies next to him. He takes the right to speak on the top, and the people around him give in and dare not challenge the authority. At last, the team breaks down, and Brady dies late. I’ve seen too many stories about how to go against the attack and get to the top of my life. Occasionally, I come to the story of “the Dragon Slayer turns into a dragon” for a change.

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Why is the proportion of black players in NHL far lower than basketball and rugby?

Indeed, the proportion of black players in professional hockey is still low. But relatively speaking, NHL has made continuous breakthroughs in the direction of racial diversity in the past two decades. To this day, NHL not only often sees black players, but also develops jarome ignla, Evander Kane, P. K. subban and other stars. History is improving.

In my opinion, the reason why black people do not occupy a prominent proportion in hockey is due to social and economic conditions rather than physical conditions. Geography. Ice hockey is more suitable in cold weather areas. The low latitudes in the southern and northern hemispheres are full and warm. Traditionally, they don’t like to engage in such activities as ice lakes, ice fields, etc. Only those in the North who grow up in winter and spring, summer and autumn are able to play hockey with the idea of “this is the sport of the strong” from generation to generation. In places like Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Japan, the vast majority of the population is not black. Only Canada and the United States can train black players. In recent years, the black players who have joined the professional ice hockey industry are mainly from Canada, and the rest are from the United States. Take the NHL as an example. There are 30 people with black background, including 21 Canadian, 7 American, and one Swedish and one French

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Do you think there is only NHL League in the world?

Many ice hockey fans, do you want to know other ice hockey leagues in the world in the past? If you want to know something that others don’t know, don’t miss the EZ push of this issue!

There are many hockey leagues in the world as famous as NHL. As everyone knows, the ultimate stage for ice hockey players is NHL, winning the Stanley Cup is the highest honor of ice hockey, and if you want to take a big step towards ice hockey, playing in North America is the best choice. However, what you don’t know is that many countries in the world have their own ice hockey league, some of which are not very famous in China, but they are also high-level leagues. So today we’re going to talk about the five hockey leagues in the world that EZ helped you choose.

Fifth place

SM liiga – Finland’s top professional hockey league. It is also recognized as the second influential Hockey League in Europe. The popularity of hockey in Finland is like a rocket. And now Finnish ice hockey has reached the highest level in the world. And Finland made an impressive semi-final in the U20 global competition a few years ago.

Fourth place

Czech Extraliga (tipsport Extraliga): Czech Republic Ice Hockey League. Tipsport Extraliga is one of the best professional ice hockey league in Europe. And has just been judged by the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) as the third best hockey league in Europe. The alliance was founded in 1993, after the division of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. Since its establishment, it has provided NHL with many excellent talents.


Elitserien, the Swedish elite League, is from Sweden. The Swedish ice hockey elite League is made up of 12 teams, with a regular season of 55 games. Basically, it is similar to the Czech Ice Hockey League and Finland Ice Hockey League, ranking fourth and fifth. It also takes the form of winning three points, winning two points in overtime and accumulating one share in losing.

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Where do the old men go Season 2

Now there are more and more opinions about Brady’s future. Just a few days ago, a former NFL MVP suggested that Brady not go to the United States west, but to Titan. “I don’t want Brady to go to L.A. for lightning or Oakland Raiders,” said Kot Warner, now an NFL Network Analyst and Hall of Fame member. “Knowing that there’s going to be two times a year when he’s going to meet a chief led by Patrick mahoms.” Warner said in an interview with USA today.

“If it’s me, I don’t want to meet the same great quarterback twice in a year, competing for playoff qualification. From this point of view, I might consider a team like titan of Tennessee It’s hard to imagine where Brady will be after 20 years of playing for the Patriots and winning six Super Bowl titles. His contract will expire this month, with a clause explicitly prohibiting patriots from labeling him as a privilege. ESPN reported that Brady’s contract renewal with patriots was not going well because of the deadlock in new labor negotiations.

Warner is very optimistic about Titan. He points out that Titan is a land of no owners. Ryan tannisher and Marcus Mariotte will both expire their contracts and become free players. They won the US Championship last year. If they can attract Brady, they will also attract DRICK Henry, who is currently negotiating with Titan. And Titan’s management has a lot to do with patriots. Frabel was Brady’s teammate and won the super bowl three times between 2001 and 2004. Frabel and Edelman are good friends, too.

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