NBA court to protect the opponent’s moment

At the end of the second quarter, there was a very thrilling scene in the match between the lone ranger and the Clippers on January 22. The Clippers center zubates made a fake move under the basket and shook Kleiber. After the latter took off, the air was out of balance and there was an exclamation at the scene.

Fortunately, Kleiber didn’t get hurt after he fell to the ground. All the players must know that this is the most dangerous moment on the basketball court. After the player’s air imbalance, it is impossible to predict the situation after falling to the ground, so the weight, how many players are injured after the air imbalance, even endangering their career.

However, NBA competition is fierce, such a dangerous moment is common, so, such a danger can only be helpless? No, this kind of danger has a “conquering star”, which is called sports spirit.

At the end of a thunder vs. Nuggets match in December 2018, it’s very similar to today’s situation. After prandmley was shaken by Adams, he was out of balance in the air and was about to fall to the ground.

However, Adams’s first reaction at the moment is to give up the chance to play 2 + 1, throw away the ball and hold prandmley with both hands to avoid injury to his opponent. In this last game, especially when thunder is still behind, Adams interprets the sports spirit incisively and vividly.

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9 runner tywin Coleman dislocated his shoulder

On Monday, 49 man coach Kyle Shanahan said running guard Tevin Coleman suffered a dislocated shoulder injury in the final of the League of nations. The team is still waiting for the MRI results, but they hope Coleman can play in the super bowl.

Similar injuries usually take a week to recover. “I don’t want to make too many guesses, but I usually come back after a week off and I think he has a chance to play,” he said

Before the injury, Coleman hit the ball six times in the game, pushing forward 21 yards. Raheem Mostert took on most of the charge, hitting 29 times, pushing 220 yards and reaching the array four times, breaking many records.

Coleman has also been absent for a short time in the regular season, but the attack of 49 players has not been greatly affected. Both mostat and Matt breida fit the attacking system well, but Coleman’s return will add to the picture.

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Simons 34 + 12 + 12 leads the team to lose 4 consecutive rebounds

On January 21, 2020, the nets hosted 76 players from Philadelphia. In this game, Kerry Owen, the star of the nets, was absent, and enbid of Philadelphia continued to be absent due to injury. However, the lack of stars in the nets greatly increased the odds of 76 players.

Comments on players after the game:

It is worth mentioning that nets Ding Weidi got 22 + 5 + 7 comprehensive data in this game, while in the three games Owen returned, his data was only 15 + 3 + 3, so the direct chemical reaction between Owen and the team needs to be improved, so as to better drive teammates and win the game. Bensimons, 76, continued his fiery performance in the absence of the emperor and led the team to victory. If the performance continues like this, he will probably enter the eastern all star backcourt first.

Competition overview:

In the first competition, 76 people were in excellent condition after the opening, and the first 7-2 attack wave came first. But then the nets made adjustments, a wave of 8-2 will be super score. After the first quarter, the two teams played inextricably. The nets fixed the score at 32-29 with Nicholas Clarkston’s free layup. The second quarter of the game, the nets continued the previous offensive momentum, the opening wave of 12-3 will open the difference. Clarkston’s excellent performance in the inner line of the nets, with 10 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, helped the nets to keep the lead, and entered the halftime with a 68-64 lead.

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