How to Install a Custom Dash Sticker Kit

The driver faces the dashboard each time the driver gets into the automobile. The dashboard is where the eyes travel to look for information about how much gas is left and how fast the vehicle is traveling. There are drivers that want a more interesting or more attractive dashboard to look at than the dashboard the vehicle is given at the dealership. Follow these procedures to install a custom dash sticker kit.

Step 1. Search the Internet to purchase the dash sticker kit of your choice. eBay and Amazon are often good choices but simply searching “custom dash kits” in Google will bring you a bunch of great results as well.custom NHL decals stickers

  • Enter your automobile’s make, model and manufacture year when you find a website that you like so that the product that you order will fit your dashboard.
  • Choose the finish that you like the best. There are many wood finishes, metal finishes, carbon fiber finishes and bright colors to choose from.

Step 2. Clean all surfaces of your dashboard thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and a clean towel to facilitate adhesion. Oil, grease and dirt will all keep the adhesive from sticking properly to the dashboard.

Step 3. Lay each finished piece over the area it will cover, with the backing still attached, so that you can ensure that all pieces fit and you know where they go before you begin. Make sure that all buttons, knobs and vents move easily when the pieces are in places.

Step 4. Remove the backing to each dash sticker, and carefully apply them to the dashboard 1 at a time. custom mlb stickers

  • Begin with the small finish pieces first so that you become familiar with the process before moving on to the larger pieces.
  • Apply large finish pieces left to right, smoothing as you go to make sure that there are no air bubbles caught underneath.

Step 5. Press each finish piece 1 more time after you finish applying them to make sure all edges and corners are in place.

Step 6. Leave the dash stickers alone to set for 72 hours without touching them.


  • It is always a good idea to read the instructions specific to the kit you purchased before beginning work. Most dash stickers will be installed in much the same way, but there may be something that the kit you purchased wants you to do that is different, and it is best to know that before you begin.
  • Clean the new dash stickers with water or window cleaning solution and a clean towel.
  • The temperature inside the vehicle when you are installing the dash stickers should be at least 72F (22C).
  • If protective dash treatments or waxes were used in the past, they will need to be removed before the application process can begin. Use a wax and grease remover to aid in the removal of the residue in order to facilitate adhesion.


  • Only use approved polishes and cleaners such as Rapid Clear and other fluids specially formulated for use with calendared and cast vinyl film.
  • Do not use automotive dash protectants such as Armor-All or waxes on your vinyl dash kit.

Things You’ll Need

  • Custom Dash Sticker Kit

  • Car with Dashboard

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Clean Towel