How to Use Carbon Paper for Fake Tattoos

Would you like to know how to make a tattoo with carbon paper? Read on!

Step 1. Remove the sheet of the carbon paper that is between the blue plastic sheet and the yellow sheet.

Step 2. Place the tattoo design on the blue sheet, and make sure that the design is placed over the dull side of the blue sheet of plastic.

Step 3. With a pen and on a hard surface trace the outline of the design. Remember to trace parts that need to be shaded and don’t forget small details.

Step 4. Lift the design from the blue sheet and on the back of the paper should be a blue outline on your tattoo.

Step 5. Clean the area of skin where you desire the tattoo to be, rub in some petroleum jelly, and spray it with Bactine. Rub the bactine in, but not all the way just until a bit sticky.NFL logo iron on transfers

Step 6. Place the design on the area of skin and press down firmly. Do not scrunch the paper; make it as even and as perfect as possible.

Step 7. Wait a moment before slowly lifting the design.iron on transfers for t shirts


  • If the blue outline does not appear on the back of the design, try again. This time place everything on a hard, flat surface and trace harder. Make sure the blue plastic sheet is laying on the shiny side.
  • Lotion can also be used in place of petroleum jelly and bactine spray