What can glow in the dark vinyl sticker or glossy white pvc vinyl do

Nowaday, glow in the dark vinyl or glossy white pvc vinyl is popular with diyers, they glow in the dark. If you attend to a party, concert or other activities at night, they not only work on fabric but also on smooth surface, which depending on its usage, glow in the dark vinyl or glossy white pvc vinyl definitely not a bad idea.

Now we talk about glow in the dark vinyl for decals.

Now we talk about glow in the dark vinyl for decals


1) Made by glossy snow white surface and opacity black back calendared vinyl film
2) Perforated Vinyl material consistency for image quality & more accurate colors in digital printing
3) Regularity round holes and holes’ distance make window graphics more beautiful
4) 0.15mm thickness low shrink rate calendared film can bring you excellent quality graphics
5) Clear tile glue without glue remains problem
6) Excellent weather resistant make perforated vinyl film suit for various area and environment in the world
7) Excellent anti-dirty character makes perforated vinyl film easy to wash in water

Where do they go?

1. Building or glass wall’s wrap decoratio;

2. Bus,Metro,Vehicle window’wrap decoration;

3. Interior & exterior signs;

4. Temporary promotional and point of sale adevertising and all applications to flat or regular glass surfaces

And now glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl for fabric.

glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl for fabric

Glow in the dark heat transfer is unique, conversation-sparking heat transfer that casts a great glow when the light is out.

It is a cool choice for decorating costumes, holiday T-shirts or any shirt that needs to stand out in the dark. Also is popular for promo shirts for nightclubs, concerts and more. Amusement parks can offer glow in the dark shirts to its night-time patrons, and haunted houses can feature glowing skulls and ghosts on apparel to promote their business.


Highly durable, matte finish, applies easily with a heat press.

Compatible Fabrics:100% polyester, 100% cotton, all poly/cotton blends


Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds

Temperature: 305°F

Time: 10-15 seconds

Pressure: Medium

Peel Hot

Washing care

Turn garment inside out

Do not dry clean

Machine wash WARM or HOT with mild detergent

Dry at normal dryer setting

No chlorine bleach

If you are going to attend to a special party, just order some finished glow in the dark iron on transfers online, all you need is a home iron to transfer glow in the dark image on your garment.