How to print t shirts when i want to open a shop?

Q: I want to open a little shop and don’t know how to print the t shirts, please help me

A: For personalized t shirt designs if you don’t want to spend too much, heat transfer printing and silk screen printing are suggested.

For heat transfer printing, you only need to buy heat tranfer paper and print the images you want with papers as office printing. But for professional printing, you’d better to buy a professional printer and heat transfer papers. A professional printer helps you print and also cut great images neatly and quickly. And professional heat transfer paper make high quality products and help you get regular customers back.

For silk screen printing, it is better for  batch orders because each color needs one film. The more t shirts you make, the cheaper one t shirt costs. And you should ask for a factory to do it because silk screen printing devices are expensive. Of course, you can also buy those devices if you are mean to open a shop. But for a few t shirts, it’s still better to use heat transfer paper.