T shirts solve doodle problems to some extent

A doodle or graffiti is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Stereotypical examples of doodling are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class. Other common examples of doodling are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.

Popular kinds of doodles include cartoon versions of teachers or companions in a school, famous TV or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, geometric shapes, patterns and textures.

Now doodle come show everywhere,  on the street wall, on t shirts, on cars and so on. some illegally, some are not, but we can tell that doodle always mean something or for purpose, no matter how meaningless they look like. They tell something to peple.

As t shirts come into being t shirts have become the wonderlands for doodlers, they don’t have to do something illegally or environmentally unfriendly. When doodlers want to show people what they think, just paint  or iron those doodle things on t shirts, and carry them with themselves. And everybody can see them.

If you really want to do some doodling and not very good at doodling, just go for some iron on sticker suppliers and your doodles to them, they will print it out, all you need to do is iron those doodle iron on stickers on t shirts, they’re beautiful and also takes only a few minutes.

How to remove the ripped decals stickers from glasses

Because of adhesive difference, there must be some ways to remove the ripped decals or sticker from glasses as follows:

1. hair drier

You can blow the ripped decals with hair drier by low hot temperature, at the same time, scrape the edge and then remove the rest with a hand. If it is too sticky, heat up a little to soften the decals, and try again. It doesn’t work on paper decals, but also vinyl decals.

2. vinegar, damaged decals’ natural enemy

No matter how tough decals stickers are, once they ecounter vinegar, they have to surrender. When we put enough vinegar on decals, remove them with nails, they easily come off. Sometimes decals are so thick, you need more vinegar and time to wet.

3. nail polish remover

If there are still sticky stains on the glass, we can use nail polish remover to remove. With cotton to soak nail polish remover, you can easily remove the stains.

XLARGE and Star Wars makes 2014 summer t shirts series

XLARGE, the street brand hand in hand with the movie Star Wars makes 2014 summer series. There will be the main characters in the Star Wars Llike uke, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, C-3Po, Han Solo and Greedo, appearing in the ancient art form of black and white on the clothing, including luminescent version, meanwhile two new beer cup illustrations are added, it can’t hurt if Star Wars fans consider it during the World Cup.

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