In this sense, according to the normal understanding, it is impossible to happen. As an excellent player, as an MVP level player, the instability and play of these two games are quite unexpected. Then five consecutive games of the ball are relatively poor. Today, it is, playing very well, because the team is now in place.

Ha ha, wait, two players, the Laker team, one me, one you, one me, two players, both of them, average 20 times per game, a lot of times, a lot of times, the Rockets, the number of shots, the same as bucks, plus Hadden and Paul harden and Wei Shao. This, two people occupy, 50 shots, ah, other players of other teams, minus half, these two people only eat 50%, 50% are eaten by them, so the victory or defeat depends on these two people, now

Wei Shao is still playing well, reducing three points, shooting, I have paid attention to a lot. Reduce the three-point shot, shoot almost no shot, increase the breakthrough and two-point shooting distance. Er, the foreign media reported that Wei Shao is now the king of the middle distance, and his two-point shot is very accurate and persistent.

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Timberwolves and the Hawks

That team, the Nuggets, came from Tianjin and was brought in afterwards. The fact also proved that because it was disclosed at the beginning that it was about the missile trade with Timberwolves and the Hawks, and did not involve the Nuggets, then the Nuggets were the later team. In this, he just played an additive or catalytic role in the Hawks. Send off, super, Evan Turner, ah, not the Pacers, Turner, evantner and the first round signing.

The first round is from the first round of the nets. Then we estimate that we sent these two for the hawks in the tenth, to the Timberwolves, the Timberwolves, and other characters, little leader. Ah, Kuwait and Jordan Bell sent these two to the Rockets. Gerald Green and his own, the first round, signed and sent to the Nuggets. I went around, and the Nuggets took three scrap materials, mark Bisley.

Nenan Gomes and Vanderbilt. This, three people, there are two of these three people, I do not know, ah, I told you that sent to the Timberwolves, Timberwolves, and teach bad, three, ah, the second film that park Hefeng came to the Nuggets is such a process, you listen to me, it’s a bit complicated, I’ll tell you the main is.

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Lhasa welcomed Wiggins

The commentator beside me, today is February 7th, 2010. We went on to talk about the fourth and sixth floor. He Jiong was the one. After the transaction, Lhasa welcomed Wiggins. For the Timberwolves, it can be used as the reconstruction of the team. Russell, the player, is friendship. And the ability to pass and control is also a certain projection ability, excellent physical quality and height. It is a potential excellent player that can be cultivated.

This player mainly lies in training, not in how much he can have in the future. It is entirely in the cultivation of the team. As for him, psychological level, counseling is more important. These are high numbers Players have accumulated fame for a while, and people pay too much attention and love to it. Once they don’t play well at the beginning of their career, their performance will fall into the shadow of self doubt

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All kinds of mistakes

Finally, let’s talk about the main match of the all star competition, ah, a wonderful game. Ah, this year’s competition system is quite special. After three quarters, the score, plus 24 points, stipulates the final score. 157 points, who can reach 157 points first, who can win the game, is still very wonderful.

Both sides, attack and defense each other, from the third quarter, half, that has begun to seriously contest, finally, er, James, the team narrowly won, relying on Anthony Davies’ free throw, but this goal is a little strange, I am really around a little strange, the letter Guokun is not correct. Slowly, I was worn to death by the opposite side. All kinds of mistakes, all kinds of shots, deviations, no entries, er, the commentary is still saying, it is possible that the players of the two teams are thundering. I don’t think it should be. The duration of the game has not changed much, right, the first three quarters.

Two and a half quarters, even the first three quarters, we are full of physical strength, there is no confrontation, just play a quarter still can not move? How are all the stars, and also, the bench will not move? Obviously not, so the last three minutes played more than half an hour, I looked at my watch, and the last three minutes played a full half an hour, just this analogy.

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If I remember correctly

Hello, everyone. I’d like to compare this program with that of today’s hot clippers and the Lakers, which were completed last night and didn’t update here. I’m sorry to say, ah, it’s more relaxed here. Thank you for your support all the time. Now, Himalaya gives it to you.

We’re the best of the month. We gave us a small award, a sign of victory. Thank you very much, Himalaya. Let’s say that this game is the Clippers vs. the first two games. If I remember correctly, the two games and the Laker team were both 2-0 ahead of the Lakers. There is one more game that is now back in April. Then there is a make-up game. Ah, if you can play 2-2, it would be ideal. If you can’t play 2-2 or 0-4, it will not hurt.

As I said before, ah, it is the best for the Lakers not to play in the playoffs when they want to be healthy. The Clippers are actually the same. The goal of both teams is the same.

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Dragon breaks Yang life!

At the beginning, how to say, is that we often hit the key ball, the final kill is a fake picture needle ah, generally do not play, under the basket, ah, easy to be fouled, foul referees do not blow, this kind of ball is very sensitive, the referee will not blow, so you can see that these kill shots are many hundreds of points. Over 80, all of them end up with projection. Go to the betta projection high school. Of course, the three-point winner is not to mention. If you hit it, the blue line is useless, right? If you are three points behind and level three points, the only way to do it is to shoot. Er, only those players with super breakthrough ability are possible. For example, in the final of Shanan campus, for example, such players as James weishao harden, maybe he can’t even Durant, Durant can’t, he can’t shoot under the basket. Generally speaking, to shoot is Lopez’s right.

It’s very important. Every moment, the players, the Bucks, must, seize, and never let go. Now, it doesn’t matter to cajole and cajole, because the overall physical quality of the player is quite good, but now there is a little bit of emotion, right or wrong, unable to play ball rotation

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Don’t be guilty.

It’s more difficult, and the final result may be easier, right? But this, uh, process, color of this incident is too difficult. Let’s see now Anthony Davis. He’s saying now. Kelly Owen renewed the contract with Celtic team. He expressed doubts. That is to say, he transferred the contradiction. He said that he meant that I would not go now. You Celtic team is because you can’t decide whether Owen is right. We have 1000 hundreds of issues in front of us. As for the previous 17 programs, we will all mention that the Celtic team is suffering from internal and external problems. We can’t decide on Owen’s contract. Anthony Davies and Anthony Davis briewen can’t do it. We don’t want to continue Owen and Anthony Davis. We don’t want to come here. It’s just like this.

It’s very troublesome. It’s very troublesome. So we always emphasize that you have to settle Owen’s contract first, right? If you want to finish Owen’s contract, you have to do it and don’t return it. What I’m talking about is a rubbish and a negative asset. If you don’t deal with it, you can’t win the championship and play the finals. That’s the simple truth

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kill two birds with one stone!

For every player, there is praise. Since, ah, it is that kind of sex program, there is no way to avoid this. Ah, only by comparison can we distinguish between players. Let’s talk about this matter. Ah, Anderson’s contract is to demote. If I want to become Wright’s contract, then Wright’s contract still needs to be reduced. Degradation is this year or next year, because Enright’s contract has two years to go. In a few years, it still has two years to deal with it. When Paul was injured, we also said. The rocket team, this, the risk of this position must be filled, ah, is that before Valia’s, we said that we had many programs, said repeatedly, and then said that we had a little headache, the risk is definitely not ah, then, hungry Wright plus the first round signing, you are happy Morey.

Endure, can live, I personally think that the manager of Morey should be really high-level, really, high-level, ah, unlike Magic Johnson, this kind of poor skills, I really feel that I can’t flatter, really dare not, compliment, according to the rocket team, operation, I think Murray’s words 7788 is OK. Skin, this kind of play around, make a crazy ah, finally brainwashing successful, right? Well, I feel like it’s for Wharton

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Green’s contracts

Luxury, tax, ah, the structure of the championship lineup, do you think it is possible? Ah, there are so many players and Green’s contracts, you should also consider, the general card contract also needs to be considered, there are many 7788, poor people need to consider, so I feel that the Raptors may not be optimistic about the prospect of leaving Leonard. So, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, there’s a master of network dazzle in the transaction. It doesn’t matter if you correct the transaction. The contract of varenshunas was signed in the previous two years is also a super value activity. At that time, I didn’t check the data and estimated that the contract was less than 20 million yuan.

He should also be a five-year contract with a length of less than 2000 yuan. In other words, I’m sorry about the contract of Xiaojia. I’m sorry to answer the phone. Well, it’s the contract of small family. Basically, the Raptors will have to eat it to the end, and then there will be two years of this year and next year. Yes. Beautiful, ah, I think it’s a pessimistic attitude. If you can’t play this year, you can’t make it to the eastern finals. If you can’t win the eastern championship, you’ll have to keep the Raptors in your hands. The probability is very low

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Gertrude is still in the starting

I don’t know if we can steal one or two games in the first and second games. If we get to the seventh, we will stand on the side of the thunder team, the Rockets side, and the Laker team. On the other hand, we will challenge the powerful men. Ha ha, of course, we still think of warriors. Excellent more excellent, ha, there is no way, five stars, warriors, this is not blowing out, ah, it is the strength of the game to play, but, we have to challenge the powerful, right? I support the weak side, or in the thunder rockets and warriors side, so say it.

The Rockets, look at this game, we have said, ah, when this lineup is confirmed, and the integrity is achieved, that is when shambaut can move into the first serve. Even if it is completed, you can see that the 24 minute playing time is the most frequent in the replacement rotation. Ah, the others, rivers, are all, 189 minutes, 45 minutes, and so on. Gertrude is still in the starting position, ah, inefficient and inefficient. Gordon, the Cavaliers have played a lot worse this season than last season. I think it’s not suitable for this position. We have been saying, ah, yesterday’s program and this morning’s program once said, ah, Gordon is a player who is suitable for chaos. If you want him to play first, it’s easy and rash to advance. This player is not suitable for starting. Ah, so in the Rockets team, we still have to play substitutes

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