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On September 3, 1977 ad, world baseball, Wang Zhenzhi, broke the record and mentioned baseball. Most people would feel strange, or vaguely know that it is a very popular sport in the United States and Japan. As far as Japan is concerned, baseball has become the most popular sport in this island country since the 19th century with the west wind and Meiyu. After Dongyang, it has become the most popular sport in Japan in recent years However, when it comes to the market structure of professional sports, it is still difficult to shake. Baseball is the national game of Japan. In the history of more than one hundred years of Japanese baseball, numerous well-known stars have emerged, far more popular than entertainment stars. Among them, the star who has created many mythical records of Japanese baseball and even the world baseball is one.

Born in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province, the Chinese name is Wang Zhenzhi. In 22 years of professional player career, Wang Zhenzhi has hit 868 home runs in total, which has created a world record that is hard to come from before. It helps Tokyo, Japan. The giant team won the Japanese Professional Baseball League for nine years in a row. In 1977, he won the first Japanese national honor. At that time, Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda personally awarded her the first and only aircraft to win the award. Japanese nationality, after retiring in 1980, the giants retired his No.1 Jersey forever. Later, Wang Zhenzhi started his own brilliant coaching career and once led the team to win the Japanese championship. In 2006, he even became the head coach of the Japanese national baseball team. The Japanese team won the first World Cup goal classic game against Cuba. Wang Zhenzhi’s achievements in the Japanese baseball field are amazing. Wang Zhenzhi, the three words, has almost become the synonym of the king of baseball, which is well known in Japan.

Although he refused to naturalize Japanese nationality, the baseball king was born and raised in the suburb of Tokyo, Japan. His father, Wang Shifu, was born in the poor countryside of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In 1922, he traveled to Japan with his fellow countrymen to earn a living. In the next 60 years, she married her Japanese wife and opened a large-scale Chinese restaurant in the outskirts of Tokyo to raise children. She even became a daughter. Wang Zhenzhi, the youngest child of the family, even got more love from her father. The business of the Chinese restaurant her father ran was surprisingly good. Since she was a child, Wang Zhenzhi, who had no shortage of clothes, little food and so on, lived in Beijing It’s because of his nickname of 50 times young master. His family background allows Wang to devote himself to baseball without any scruples. In high school, he has become a young star concerned by the whole of Japan. However, just when he first appeared, Wang Zhenzhi felt that he was not 18 years old like other Japanese children for the first time. He was refused to participate in the sports games of the Republic of Japan Because he doesn’t have Japanese nationality, although he is still in front of his teammates, he is in his heart.

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A detailed explanation of baseball field and defensive position

Position 1: pitcher [1] (pitcher, usually abbreviated as P) interested partners can click pitcher to learn more details

A pitcher is a batter who is responsible for throwing the ball to the attacker in a baseball game. He is usually regarded as the soul of the game. If there is a live broadcast, the most shots are basically the most pitchers (the ball starts only when the pitcher starts the game) and it is basically the most handsome and attractive position.

The pitcher is divided into left and right pitches according to the pitcher’s habitual hand. The common pitches are divided into three types: fast ball (straight ball), variable speed ball and change ball. [the change ball can be subdivided into a variety of change balls, and interested students can make their own Baidu text introduction or video] the winning and losing pitchers account for 40% of a game

Position 2: catcher [2] (usually abbreviated as C) interested partners can click the catcher to learn more details

Catcher is responsible for cooperating with pitcher, catching pitcher’s pitches and catching ground ball near home base in baseball game. It is called “brain in baseball field“.

The job of catcher is to guide the pitcher to match the ball and command the position of the defensive player on the field, to prevent the attacker from stealing the base, and to guard the home base to prevent the other player from scoring. In professional games, because the catcher has to catch pitchers whose speed is often more than 130 kilometers per hour, or even more than 150 kilometers per hour, they are often hit by the batter’s wipe baseball, and they have to deal with the other player’s slide to score safely, so the catcher is the one with the most equipment and the most perfect protection in all defensive positions. (it’s like changing)

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What do you think of the new year’s “God play” baseball major league?

Today, I will show you the Korean baseball TV series Major League

Mr. Bai Shengxiu is played by nangongmin. In the play, he uses his super working ability to devise strategies and turn the tide. In his previous work, the prisoner doctor, Nangong min was very skillful in this role.

So let’s officially start today’s drama Tour~

Bai Shengxiu came to the team and first dealt with the core of the problem. Lin Dongkui, a player who would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail, was the first one. In the eyes of fans, Lin Dongkui is the most powerful player of the dream team. His name accounted for 70% of the team’s sales, and even Hamburg, named after him, was the dream team’s treasure.

In order to eliminate the “cancer” of the team and the head who “knows nothing” about baseball knowledge, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of Lin Dongkui from the player data level, and also shows the determination of the new head reform. Through the player trade, dream team recalled Jiang Douqi and Jin Guanzhi, who were run away by Lin Dongkui, to lay a solid foundation for the new season’s pitcher team.

In the salary negotiation with the players, the head and the dismissed Gao Shihe fought for wisdom and courage. The head analyzed every player in an all-round way, used different strategies to break each player, estimated the value of each player as fairly as possible, and finally achieved a small increase in the salary of all the players with the minimum wage. This move made the players with the minimum wage happy , and the people are more together.

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To competitors

Day by day, charpie, his teammates, and all the MiLB players in the United States experience a routine monotonous life. Many times, charpie feels like his life is like the Magic Movie groundhog day, falling into an endless cycle, and it’s hard to escape from such a life.

In a slow-paced town with too much leisure, a 26-year-old has almost no entertainment for himself. Considering the low salary of the minor league players, it’s hard for him to go to the chili restaurant once in a while.

“Our monthly salary is $1550 before tax, but the league and the team will not be responsible for our accommodation, so accommodation will consume most of our income, and the remaining money must support our own clothes, food and transportation, so we do not have enough economic capacity to carry out more entertainment activities,” said charpie

He’s looking for a way to ease the pressure of professional competition, and such entertainment must be cheap or even free.

October is the beginning of stone crab fishing season, and the whole Florida is very busy and bustling. One year, with the tide of stone crabs, the night rush of Fortress began to sweep all over the country. Since then, almost everyone around charpie has been talking about the free game, whether it’s with friends or at a club. As time went on, the small gathering activities of charpie in chili restaurant began to decrease gradually, and he had replaced his “menu” with the “black shop” on the night of fortress.

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Is it a bad habit for pitchers to deliberately throw bats in baseball games?

Note in advance: it’s a bad behavior to intentionally hit people in baseball to apologize, and it’s extremely dangerous not to intentionally hit the head!

Then answer the questions asked by the main question head-on

  1. Why can’t such a bad habit be severely punished? At most, it is only punished on the spot?

A: I see thieves eating meat, but I don’t see thieves being beaten. The possible punishment for a professional player is “quite big” for his opponent to send him to the base, his teammates to send him off the field and lose the game.

  1. Is there a similar problem in Japan’s professional league? The Japanese professional league seems to be more civilized.

A: Japan’s professional baseball is a little civilized, but the Japanese League will also deliberately lose face, as well as the Korean League and the Taiwan League.

  1. Why can’t the hitter take the bat to revenge after being hit by the intentionally thrown ball?! if so, it’s estimated that no hitter dare to try this kind of behavior.

A: people with long head and long bag will take the guy to the bare hand. Fist is the original way to solve the conflict. Wan – the pitcher is the one with the bat. The hitter can still stand on the bat

  1. If you are a baseball fan, do you dislike this kind of behavior? Do you think it is a big league bad habit?

A: I will judge according to the cause and effect of humiliation, but I don’t feel disgusted (there will be no referee to stop brawi in baseball field). First of all, the ball that hits the head in high-level baseball, whether it is intentional or not, should all be immediately eject pitcher. It’s really not for fun. As you said, a small sphere flying at an average speed of 90 m is actually a shell. It’s dangerous without evidence. We firmly oppose this kind of behavior.

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MLB youth training farm brings new ideas

For the young players with strength, the MLB stage is full of opportunities, which is not only the credit of the coach, but also the perfect youth training system and operation mechanism.

In October last year, the MLB playoffs of North American professional baseball, Cleveland Indians vs. Toronto Bluebird, was the fifth game in the American League Championship Series. The Indian’s first pitcher was Ryan Merritt, 24. Four months ago, he just stepped into the major league from the echelon, and his experience is still shallow. However, due to the injury of Cleveland’s first two starters, the coach can’t help but brag to let Ryan, who has only played one game in the regular season, play. I didn’t expect Ryan to hold on to Li. In this crucial game, in the face of the strong line play of Bluebird, he threw 4 innings without losing points to help the Indians enter the world series. -What’s the mood of a rookie entrusted with such a heavy task? Ryan frankly said that he couldn’t sleep at all the night before the game and was so nervous that he threw up in the morning. However, after the start of the game, it will gradually relax, which is no different from the normal game.

Stories like Ryan are rare in the MLB ring. In 2013, the St. Louis cardinal also started

Echelon promoted 22-year-old young pitcher Michael VacA. As a result, cardinal road entered the World Series in the playoffs that year. In the game with VacA’s main pitches, opponents, let alone scoring, were difficult to get to the base. He also became the most valuable player in the American League Championship Series. Just last season, the New York Yankees even fired their star Alex Rodriguez, paying him more than $30 million to make room for new players in the team. The new man who got the chance, Aaron jaggie, broke out this season. He has hit 12 home runs in more than one month and has four amazing skills. Now Waka and jaggie are stable starters for their respective teams.

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Which team do you think MLB has development potential?

MLB has many systems to balance the strength of each team, such as draft, the core goal of the selection system is to balance the strength of each team, and then in the long run, each team has the opportunity to select excellent players and win the championship. Its ranking of draft right is inversely proportional to its ranking in the season. The teams with poor performance in the season will get the priority of draft, so that they have the opportunity to make up for the better players to improve the team’s combat power. In addition, the terms of the player contract limit the opportunities for players to play for other teams, and successfully avoid the opportunities for teams to dig each other’s horns. Players must become free players before they can choose new owners. So the biggest potential in terms of system is a bad team before the growth cycle.

MLB’s rookie development is different from that of the other three major league rookies in North America. Compared with NBA and NFL, MLB pays more attention to rookie development talent. Each MLB team has its own small league system (similar to the NBA Development League). Whether it’s a high school rookie or a college rookie, they have to go up the level and evaluate the potential of a team

Compare the depth of each team’s farm.

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How to block a stolen base?

If the pitcher throws a ball that does not pass the good zone, that is to say, if the hitter does not swing the ball, it will be counted as a bad ball. At this time, the hitter swings the ball and plays the ball in the boundary. Do you want to start running base? If there is no catch, touch, or block / kill, is it a success? Or can the hitter only play the ball through the strike zone? There is no limit, good ball can play, bad ball can also play, but it is not recommended that the players wave without brains (commonly known as “blind several strokes”). Although it is said that as long as they wave, there is a probability of hitting, hit, there is a probability of being hit. But when the player strikes, he should know how to choose good ball to play and let go of bad ball. The rate of chasing bad ball is an important data to measure the player’s ability of choosing ball. So, as long as you hit the ball in bounds, the hitter must run, even if the defensive side makes a mistake to send a base up. Even to the extreme, as long as the ball can be hit out, run and run first. Besides, it’s not against the rules to get out of the base to hit the out of bounds batter, but the upper base is invalid.

About stealing bases. Base stealing can’t be blocked. As long as the runner wants to steal base and leave the original base bag, the defender must touch the ball to kill him out, even if he wants to return to the original base bag. That is to say, according to your hypothesis, the runner wants to steal the third base, and the catcher passes the ball to the third base At that time, the third baseman just needs to hold the ball and wait for the runner in front of the base bag, and then safely touch him out. Of course, if the runner finds something wrong, he can run back. Then the third baseman must pass the ball back to the shortstop or the second baseman to help prevent them from hitting the runner before the second basebag.

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Simple science popularization of 25 and 40 people list of MLB

The players who play in the major league games must be put on the 25 person list. The alias of the active roster and the 40 person list is the so-called expanded roster. In addition to the list of 25 players, plus 15 players, it becomes the list of 40 players. The additional 15 players usually can’t play in the major league, but in the minor league. But the other meaning is: these 15 people are looked at by the team.

Lin Ziwei, Taiwan player of the Boston Red Sox, is currently on the active roster 25.

From the distribution of 25 members of the Red Sox, we can see that:

There are 12 pitchers, 5 starters and 7 backup pitchers.

2 catchers, 1 on court, 1 rotation

6 infield players, 4 players, 2 rotation

Four outfielders, three on court, one in rotation, and one designated hitter (unique to the United States, a hitter who does not need to play defense)

There are 25 players who can play in the major league from the opening to September 1. From September 1, 40 people can play in the major league and play at any time, commonly known as September expansion. And 25, 40 people list is closely related to the optional assignment and disable list (wounded list, hereinafter referred to as DL).

Take Wang Jianmin as an example. First of all, the player who signed the major league contract must be on the 40. However, in 2005, Wang Jianmin’s contract with the Yankees was a minor league contract, which was put on the list of 40 players. At this time, Wang Jianmin was called “the league’s optional assignment” (OA for short). A rookie player can have three seasons of OA after being put into the 40 player list. In these three seasons, he can freely rise and fall in the major league and minor league for unlimited times.

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Peterson’s three rounds of play, two hits and five hits, was withdrawn from the game due to three-point gun confiscation

The Dodgers’ 16-9 victory over the Rockies today is a proper fight. Peterson’s 3-dozen count, 2-bang and 5-point contribution are the most important factors to win the game.

Let’s first review Peterson’s performance in this game. In the second half of the first inning, the Dodgers were 0-2 behind. Peterson hit a home run in time to help the team open up and fired the first shot of the game. In the second half of the second inning, Peterson hit a far-reaching second base hit to help the starter Biler get back to the base and score. Peterson helped the Dodgers to win 3-2. In the second half of the three innings, Peterson fired a three-point shot to help the Dodgers expand their lead 9-4.

The three-point shot was also his 30th goal of the season, and he became the third Dodger to reach the 30 goal this season. Peterson is also a great defensive player. In the second half of the five innings, Dodgers led 10-4. Blackman’s second strike from the Rockies was a long, high-speed hit on first and third bases. Peterson rushed to the right field in time to confiscate the ball. From the scene, if he didn’t confiscate the ball, it would probably be a three-point shot.

When Peterson jumped up to seize the ball, he hit the team baffle beside the right field audience heavily, and the sunglasses on his hat were knocked off. Then Peterson fell to the ground on the spot and rolled on the ground a few times. In the end, Peterson had to withdraw from the game accompanied by his partner and coach. The latest news is that he withdrew from the game due to abdominal contusion.

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