It’s the level of the medium and long-term situation

Of course, some people also wear No. 9, some wear cheongsam. He is very good. Midfield is very, very important. He is the soul of a team. Well, he has to take care of all the positions, right? You play as a winger. You just need to manage well. You play in midfield, left and right. The screen effect is in place, and the rhythm should be well controlled. Is it right to attack or defend? Good decibels. Is the player’s physical fitness in every position in the stadium right? Well, I’m not strong. I play three to give him a rest. I know I’m in front again. I try to pass hard.

He’s spitting blood for you, ah, the progress efficiency is very poor, right? You have to turn your back to your opponent. That’s right. Once you hit the other side, I believe in the key defense, and I’ll choke. Right, private, 1-way, well, it’s the level of the medium and long-term situation, right. Clap, it’s the same, it’s the same, get three doubles to prove that you have absolute threat, absolute threat, OK? In nabiya, now, er, this long shot three-point three-point king, for example, the blue difficulty coefficient is

Yes, the warriors, this is the best ending, so I believe that, ah, the Rockets, the thunder will not release water, should go all out, of course, er, how much strength can be produced, I dare not say more, try my best to play my own level, I will not think about it too much. Ah, this, er, retention of strength and other issues, because now we have to lay a good foundation and get home advantage, right? Before the Western Conference finals, it will make it more difficult for the thunder warriors to get home advantage and play the Nuggets in the second round.

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Improving your level is the most important thing

If you don’t play well, it means that your level is bad, doesn’t it mean that you don’t have Simmons, right? In this case, you have to adjust yourself to play well in the following games, or experience. If you are in the first round, you need to strengthen your training, right? Improving your level is the most important thing. It’s necessary for other people’s fans. For your own fans, you’re not Durant to your opponent. We don’t care whether it’s right or not. I think it’s normal, right?

It’s normal for people to belittle you and satirize you. This is your home team, the fans are your own, right? When your own back has problems, face it. How can you play well? Well, so we’ll see coach Brown’s adjustment in the next game. Boban can’t play, right?

Well, Peter still plays Jimi Butler to lose. At the expense of the ego, ah, to become a change back, engineers will shovel off Russell, the bridgehead, right? In addition, Simmons should be able to be a great leader. These are four requirements. Ah, these four requirements are quite satisfied. Otherwise, if the 76ers are killed in the first round, let’s say,

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Even if we go to the sixth and third after work

We, the previous programs, all said, ah, well, we also said that the Spurs and nuggets, the Blazers and the thunder are the most likely, and love is also the most worried, especially for the army, the Blazers, we also said, ah, the thunder should play well, right. Do it, because the Blazers team is really in the upper division.

Even if we go to the sixth and third after work, we will be worried about thunder. Ah, just for thunder. Because thunder goes to work and then goes to the third, we may be knocked down by the Blazers team. Maybe right? It doesn’t care who is up and who is down Team. Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the Nuggets, as you can see, are playing like this now.

They are being played by the Spurs. They are playing with each other and clapping. Well, right? So we decided to find a way. Our school can’t do the same with Mazda. You can’t play routine, you must play your own, ah, this, er, superstar, super basketball, ah, superstar, basketball. Last time a friend talked with me, he told me that you explained the Spurs’ problem thoroughly, right? I introduced a new term to you.

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Why has James become the second giant in the Lakers

Many netizens have asked us if the third giant can be recruited and when. I tell you that it’s very right for the Lakers to trade Antony Davis now. Why has James become the second giant in the Lakers. Now the Laker team has only one position, and the Laker team is going to fight for the championship, play the finals, fight for the championship, he has only one position, so those free players who are famous and can get big contracts will want this position very much, because there is only one position for the Laker team.

There are three seats, four seats, five seats and no more positions, which can only be summed up as the big three. In other words, the last sentence is competition for posts. Who, if you want to come, free agent, if you want to come to the Laker team, you will throw it quickly.

Oh, sorry to interrupt. Let’s go on. So these free big name players will quickly come to the head of the Laker team and send their resumes. When Anthony Davis’s move in transaction has been basically determined, now all the main targets are focused on Leonard, so now there are rumors outside that it is necessary to trade and sign naked.

It’s very difficult for a small team

A thousand two to three, Dingxin give is finished, just like the thunder team was full of talent, and finally gave up harden, right? You can’t hold all these players in your hands, so for the team, we can enlarge the sample as much as possible, the lottery.

The number, the accumulation of more, hope to be able to scratch a grand prix on which one, that’s all. But for the Lakers, they have really put this Grand Prix in their hands, that is, Anthony Davis. It’s very difficult for a small team, ah, a small club that is unpopular to be cultivated, like Anthony Davis, the league’s top ten and top five superstars.

Maybe there won’t be one in 10 years or 20 years, so the chips provided by the Lakers. I don’t think it’s too big at all. In other words, tihoo is very clear about this position. What he talked with the Lakers is also very clear, so as to minimize his losses. You need to know if these teams can be cultivated.

Is considering whether to give Russell a top salary

It is said that Russell is excellent or not. We have to observe the 1.19-20 season to determine the player attributes of Russell. But for many teams, there is no chance and no time to gamble on Russell now.

Is considering whether to give Russell a top salary, including the current nets team is not absolutely sure, or there have been rumors ah, there has been accurate information to Russell can sign a five-year qualitative in the nets team, also did not say that the nets team is. Skeptical attitude, but also a hesitant attitude, so I think Durant should probably stay in the warriors, a small probability to go to the team outside the warriors, this team should be probably the nets, if the basketball nets.

Can, win, Durant, under the circumstances must be able to win, Owen must be incidental ah, these two players should be trapped together, if there is no Owen, then Durant to the basketball nets is not more meaningful, it is better to stay in the warriors.

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These three players are added together.

A main line-up, played more than 20 sets, the name of the forward players can not be called on the name of the 7788 for five or six have not been decided, so even if the formation of this line-up is also problematic, we said before that if the Rockets want to seek a deal, we must not educate Tucker out.

At the beginning of Tucker’s trade, the defensive ability of the front line will be sharply reduced, resulting in the pressure of the rocket’s attack and defense. No matter how well his small guard plays the attack, no matter how well he plays, it is not enough to shake the opponent’s killing and killing of risks.

Objectively speaking, last year kabela played very well in the regular season, and has played a very excellent ability higher than his contract value, Because with harden and Paul’s cooperation, it has a bonus effect on him, so it will come out.

The data, and the ability, reflect a quasi Quanming, star level player, plus Gordon’s own hard power and Tucker’s defensive ability. These three people together complement each position. It’s a bonus. Sorry to interrupt. These three players are added together.

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Only such a team can be competitive

He’s not the third in the camp, but he’s also a risk. Owen is the sixth of the six. Only such a team can be competitive. You know, a strong forward is absolutely strong. Don’t refer to the warriors. It’s very good for him in every position. His forward position is also led by Durant of the UEFA Champions League. Thomson is the second highest position.

He can also play in the forward position. So the risk is very strong. Why did the Rockets improve their strength last year. Because of his good defensive ability, the Rockets, if they form two small guards of the big three, harden Paul, and Jimi Butler, they have to add a lot of risks. In the case of poor performance this year, it is because of the unfavorable risk supplement that it means Jimi Butler to leave the big three.

It means that Gordon and tank can play No. 3. The Rockets don’t exist, and Gordon and tucker are capable. Last season, the Rockets spent a whole season looking for the forward players in the league, but they didn’t succeed. 77588 was replaced.

No one has the same opinion as everyone

No one has the same opinion as everyone. The old and the new don’t work in the same direction. Ali doesn’t think that the new Pao doesn’t work hard in the same direction. This kind of team has no future. In the whole season, the two seasons are the same, and the problems of Tatum have been repeatedly tangled.

Ah, look, that’s very good. In the second year of fighting, it’s just like this. The accumulation of data is in exchange for the right to sell. Gaode, the percentage of hits, the three-point percentage of hits and the overall percentage of hits in exchange for the right to sell, while the straight line, the percentage point decrease, it doesn’t matter if you make less progress, you don’t fall into the long army.

We don’t talk about the percentage of hits below 20. We only look at the absolute percentage of hits. Obviously, Tatum is not qualified for this problem. We should cultivate him as the core of the team. The society has concerns about Celtic team and Celtic about the future of Tatum.

The Clippers are the third to return to the Raptors

They are excellent, all very good, the Clippers also have sincerity, the Lakers have sincerity, can put their own can, dedication, on all have been dedicated, including, Meng Meng, the same, but Er, I can now have a judgment, um, it is also my judgment of a large probability, the clippers have lost the fight.

Leonard, it’s possible, ah, it’s the smallest possibility now, ah, but 10%. Of course, if you really join the clippers, um, I hope that the majority of fans will be enthusiastic. Why? Well, take a look at the interface order of these teams that have to be selected, ah, the first Laker. Second, Los Angeles, the Clippers are the third to return to the Raptors. It’s a normal choice to return to the Raptors. Finally, listen to the offer of the old owners. No problem. We have to analyze it.

Everyone, all right. The discount here is a beautiful girl. Let’s say for example, there are two girls in the city. Young man, ah, the family is very rich, a handsome, a mediocre, a comparison, handsome a more mediocre, if you are the flower girl, if you are this girl, if you are a beautiful young girl, which one do you see first? Well, this question comes, right? So Leonard first chooses the world Laker team.

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