The current average playing time of 245 minutes with 156 points per game

He is not an athlete. We can’t say that to be a good athlete is to be a good one. It’s not easy. It’s a good one. It’s a good one. It’s a good one. It’s a good one. It’s a good one. It’s a good one. Right? For Celtic, er, you want to follow the example of the pistons. I think that’s the way.

It’s hard, it’s hard. There are only a few of these five people who have the strength of lacking breath, right? Well, Luo, what’s Cher, what’s smart, and what’s ER, this is Morris, this is Morris now. Let’s pay attention to the fact that he is playing more and more time in Celtic team. Compared with last year, Heyward is injured. For him, he can play the starting and the main time.

Oh, if the best sixth man is up, you can take a look at the current average playing time of 245 minutes with 156 points per game. Well, from this angle, I think the best sixth man also has this opportunity. The last goal was a three-point equaliser, which dragged the Suns into overtime to kill the Suns.

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The record is quite excellent

Yes, this kind of, this right is really out, forcing out, Cole’s finishing touch, the magic pen, that will not have the warriors to create the era of small ball, ah, the whole league to follow, ah, the trend is this morning’s trend, er, we say history. Well, it’s really intriguing, ah, a lot of things are limited and changed.

Well, in the end, we have to say that we haven’t paid attention to the two teams so far, but the record is quite excellent. West, champion, ah, grizzlies, can you imagine that Grizzlies can climb to the first place in the League after playing 20 games? Er, not the first place in the West. Can you imagine that? I said that if the season just started, they played three games and five games, right? There was a three game winning streak. Right, four stops, one pair, ah, four wins and one loss, climbing to the first place in the league, but it’s normal, right?

They’ve played 20 games, almost 20 games. One fifth of the ball is finished. Nearly one fourth of the ball is finished. A few more games, one fourth of the ball is finished. Grizzlies are at the top of the Western League.

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Too many mistakes are meaningless to make mistakes

What’s the matter with two missed penalties? The three points are really strong. They missed the second game of the fatal goal. They didn’t lose much. They also made mistakes in the end. This young player, ah, too many mistakes are meaningless to make mistakes. He lost the game. It seems that he has played three games now, three games and four games.

We have a fight against any team. In fact, we are mainly aiming at other teams of the warriors. Let’s not talk about him. Let’s see if we can fight with the warriors. When it comes to wechat business, we also want to briefly mention that the average score of the game is only 0. 21 two points. In fact, there are not many points.

Now this game, even this year’s game, seems to be running for triple doubles. I think this may be an ideal model of weishao. Don’t shoot too much. Leave this opportunity to Paul George and Adams. Paul, George, and Adams are more stable, especially Adams. Ah, then of a shower focuses on triple doubles. I think it’s an ideal choice for him and for the team. The classic wechat business is quite high, which can be said to be the highest 46% hit rate in history.

nothing. The main thing is to see, er, what the price is given by the other party. So, you are very sensitive to me.

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It’s right that they are in the middle of the stream

This is the eighth place. Ah, it’s not too much for a total of 15 teams to reach the eighth place. It’s right that they are in the middle of the stream. Apart from the front ones, we don’t talk about whether the big three and big four stars are united. It’s right.

It’s not too much for you to play eighth and ninth. So it’s not strong enough. It’s still not good enough. Ah, let’s exclude some players. They are not the kind of players who can lead the team. Let’s not talk about them, right? Like James, he is a system player.

He can lead a team to play in the playoffs. This kind of player is the cornerstone of the team and can make the team happy. Better players, and some players need to build a good platform through the efforts of the team. My last fatal goal in the head, I finally put the last key oil into these two types of players. Of course, I don’t say who is good or who is bad. It’s just the difference between the players. Better than James, we also need the help of Wade and Owen. Without Kobe, we also need the help of Gasol. So it’s very difficult for the players to win the championship, and the conditions are also very harsh. So.

The whole league still cares about how many of the 66 top ten players are on active service

When playing against the Hornets, I praised walker. Ah, talk about walker. So, Walker only has 11 players who are the first to get 60 points this season, which is also sparse. The whole league still cares about how many of the 66 top ten players are on active service.

Not much. In fact, my uncle has seen a lot of them. James Anthony, ah, make-up lessons, and hardenville. It seems that, no, um, I should say no. in addition, there are 56 people like walker, and there are no curry and Durant. Obviously. Personally, ah, it’s not so normal, but we have done the program before, mainly talking about the poor tolerance of curry and Durant. We are talking about the ranks of superstars, the ranks of superstars.

Ah, based on this, we can make a comparison. Don’t go with primary school students. It’s boring. It’s hurtful to talk too much. In the ranks of superstars, ah, the ability of these two players at that time would be relatively poor. We said that the first condition is to improve the bearing of three-point shooting by shooting percentage. This is the first one.

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There is an obvious decrease in the number of shots

By tactical position, ah, curry’s position as the core of the team’s original tactics began to waver, Cole spent a lot of time to create for Durant, um, this scoring opportunity or setting tactics took less care of curry, curry in every game. There is an obvious decrease in the number of shots, so more time, more shots, and more sharing, to Durant.

In that period, there were about 20 games, the efficiency and knowledge of curry decreased significantly, the score decreased, and the hit rate decreased, so. My data are all down, ah, and there are comments in curry. You can go through them yourself, or you fans in curry, ah, you can go through them.

Your stars say that, right? I can’t do it. I can’t do it 11 times a game. What does that mean? Curry needs a lot of shots. The number of shots to accumulate players, he can’t every game ten shots, ten shots is no tactical position, you call James ten shots today, he can cut two pairs, you call Durant ten shots today, he can also hit you call harden today.

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This is an allusion from the three guards and the three starters

This is an allusion from the three guards and the three starters of the rockets that Thompson and Hart have settled so early. There are some comments and arguments about harden and Thompson.

Nowadays, there are basically voices, but there are no voices. It’s necessary to discuss. At that time, I personally thought and predicted that harden’s player must be one level higher than Thompson’s. There is no doubt that even Thompson has 60 plus 3 minus 60 plus 104 three points.

The atmosphere you said makes Thomson a player with explosive ability, which is absolute. But from a historical point of view, he can’t be the same as harden. You can imagine Thomson to get an MVP. Can you imagine Thompson to play the scoring champion? It’s impossible. He knows it can’t happen. Well, I can say it responsibly. It’s up to 35 million. If you feel a loss, if you take 35 million to smash him, it’s a loss or a loss. Why? What’s wrong is that Thompson doesn’t have the ability to hold the ball.

He’s in the back position, and he’s in the outside position If you want to be successful, if you want to make a breakthrough, if you want to be a big man in history, you must have the ability to pursue. I don’t talk about the ability to hold the ball. Representative, what’s not to say about you, the ability to hold the ball and attack? What’s more, it’s all about the ability to hold the ball. You have the ability to control the ball and organize. Right? You have the keen observation ability. You can distribute the ball. You can reasonably distribute the ball. This is the most important thing. Has Kobe eaten meat.

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The premise of victory is useless

The premise of victory is useless. Ah, it’s useless. Your name is harden. It’s OK to watch 50 teams in every game. What’s the use of losing every day? It’s useless. Harden can’t open 50 teams, can’t he? Harden, now, the number of 50 Plus is like Sister James.

Yes, James has been playing for ten to fifty-six years in his career, right? His career, the top 50, and the scores are only about ten games away. Right, Durant curry, but ten times are impossible, only 78 times, 56 times are rare, but we know that. These, data, are based on the basis of winning is meaningful, right?

So this kind of, what kind of Kanier, right? Collins, fox, this kind of, including the current things are also rare, this level is very high, but also based on. My foundation is based on playing in the playoffs. Ah, rookie season, you must enter the playoffs. This is an important standard to evaluate whether a young player can develop in the future, or even the only standard.

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It’s the most important thing

I also want to think that the previous program may have offended Durant fans. Well, don’t worry too much. And the third stage is not right for us. This is a great way to pull the ticket right. I say what do I say? If it is in the front court, in three positions, you must go forward. You have to take a bucket. If you have two positions, you are basically expensive. Basically kneel to show James fans.¬†

All the votes are voted for Paul George James fans. You know, maybe European fans, five fans, and so on. Welcome Paul George. Right. This gap between Durant and Durant is that the first person in this alliance can control a lot of things. So Durant wants to be the first player in the league. Right. I don’t believe that after taking the third consecutive championship, this capital has this machine.

You can call it. We’re going to say again, league, the first person is not the first thing. We said that if you play well, you have the title. It is to be affirmed by the fans. It’s the most important thing. You play well. No one can praise you. No one can be sure you don’t agree with you. Right.

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Which position you are not right to the Rockets

This question, you have to see how many of them were on the court at Cabra and when they were sending out the material. If there were and many cases, we would have predicted that the Rockets were actually doing the deal to get the position of No. 3. Right, because personally, Cabra’s role in the Rockets is unique and can’t be copied, and no one can replace coffee. He will play a lot of time in the playoffs.

You should not be surprised that 38 minutes or more will be the reason for the Rockets. No one can top. The coffee bar position should be clear now. Realize this. Well, it’s almost the same as this program. Basically speaking, it’s about here.

So we should instill a theory or a kind of thinking. Understand that modern basketball is not in the past, even in the past, it is the same. Can you, attack where, where to prevent you from defining what, position, can not, right not just judging from your functional performance which position you are not right to the Rockets.

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