Kemp’s extended game. See you again. Beat the giants with Sanchez’s Grand Slam

On April 28, major league baseball played 15 games. The results are as follows: warbler 2-9 twin cities, Redman 3-6 cardinal, sportsman 1-7 Bluebird, ray 2-1 Red Sox, Indian 3-4 astronaut (10 Bureau), priest 8-3 national (10 Bureau), Yankee 6-4 giant, Marlin 9-12 Philadelphia, brewer 8-6 metropolis, angel 4-9 Royal, rocky 9-5 brave, bear 9-1 rattlesnake, Pirate 1-3 Dodge, Ranger 15-1 sailor, tiger vs White Sox (postponed).

In the first two games, the bluebirds took a 4-0 lead with teoskar Hernandez’s roll to earth, Eric sogard’s sacrifice touch and Randall grichak’s first base hit. In the first half of the fifth set, the sportsman got 1 point, 4-1, by using his opponent’s defensive mistakes. Then the bluebirds made two offensive half innings, with the first base hit by Roddy Trez, the high flying sacrifice hit by Danny Jason and the second base hit by gretchak locking the score at 7-1.

The blue jays starter Aaron Sanchez got the winning shot four times in five innings without self blame, Randall grichak got three hits and two points, little Guerrero got one hit and one escort.

In the first half of the first set, Yandi Diaz shot a shot, 1-0, ahead of the light. In the first half of the fourth set, Mike Zunino’s first base hit extended the score to 2-0. In the second half of the eighth inning, Munchie Bates opened, 2-1. Then the Red Sox got a full base chance, but failed to catch up and ray won 2-1.

Ray starters Charlie Morton made six innings with five strikeouts to win. Emilio Pagan’s rescue was successful. The Red Sox starter David Price lost 2 points in 6 innings and sent out 7 strikeouts.

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Chinese Ice Hockey youngsters enter the training camp of brown bear and king to experience the top youth training team

Across the ocean, to the North American continent to embrace the most warm and pure ice hockey culture. At the beginning of 2019, Olympic sports, together with two training camps of brown bear and king, will play an important role in the vigorous development of Chinese youth ice hockey.

From Boston to Los Angeles, more than 40 students, on the one hand, carefully study the ice hockey skills and strength training methods, on the other hand, experience the advanced ice hockey education concept of North America in the happy teaching interaction, and fully enjoy the charm and fun of ice hockey.

This is the fourth winter camp with Boston brown bear and the first with king of Los Angeles. The event not only enables Chinese Ice Hockey teenagers to receive the skills taught by the NHL’s top youth training coach team, but also enables them to learn and interact with the advanced ice hockey education concepts and methods in North America.

NHL team’s top youth team improves children’s ice hockey skills

In 2019 Boston brown bear and Los Angeles King’s camp, NHL team sent top youth training team to not only improve children’s ice hockey skills, but also enhance children’s fun of ice hockey. Einstein said, “interest is the best teacher!” Slide, control, pass, shoot, fight When these seemingly rigid training subjects are implanted with the concept of “happy ice hockey”, the training enthusiasm of Chinese Ice Hockey teenagers is activated to the greatest extent.

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Ebbed: I’m the best player

On February 22, ESPN reported that in the first game of returning to the team from the all star, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel enbid was in a hot state. He scored 39 points and 16 rebounds in two pairs to help Philadelphia dominate the nets at home.

With 26 games left in the regular season, the All-Star center hopes to maintain his mentality in the All-Star game at home.

“Of course,” said ebbed, “this year’s All-Star game is very happy. It’s great to be able to stay in the fourth quarter and do what I’m good at before the end of the game.”

“The game against the Clippers on the 12th was a good starting point,” nbid continued, “but the All-Star game proved that I belong there and that I am the best player in the world. I just want to play every night, try to play hard to win, and then try to win the championship

The talent of embid and Simmons is very strong, but they are not compatible with each other. In the final analysis, there are two main reasons why ebbed’s temper and Simmons can’t shoot. Not a rumor burst out, 76 against the eastern four teams, all defeated. And enbid tweeted like Butler before he left the 76ers, making people think. In the game, ebbed was also booed by the home fans.

All star sainbid showed the picture of Simmons’ surprise attack on him to celebrate, but in the picture, he was stunned by the attack, and it was clear that Simmons didn’t want to interact with him after the attack.

At present, 76 people rank fifth in the East with 35 wins and 21 losses, while 26 wins at home only lead the League 2 losses.

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Shenfeng’s two passes and two shots helped the star team win 6-2 and the flying man locked in the playoffs ahead of time

On April 3, the NHL regular season continued. Dallas star team, who is in charge of American Airlines Center, won 6-2 victory over visiting Philadelphia Flyers. After the game, the star team scored 91 points, 7 points ahead of the coyotes, the third player in the wild card, and locked the playoffs in advance. The flyers continued to be sixth in the metropolitan area with 82 points.

Match point

Star team has been in the first place in the Western foreign card area before, but they have basically landed through a wave of 4-0-1 strong performance. The star team has the second lowest number of goals conceded in the league this season, but they have lost more in recent games due to Bishop’s injury. The flying men have no hope of entering the playoffs. The team is fighting for glory.

Competition review

The star team took the lead 1:34 seconds after the start of the game. Jason Dickinson received the assists from Segan and radurov to score the ball. The star team led 1-0. In 4 minutes and 14 seconds, ISA Lindel received the assists from zucalero and radurov to score the ball, and the star team led 2-0. In the second quarter, the Feiren team launched a counterattack. Oscar lindblum received the help of konec and Patrick to score in 1:13, 11:33, and Feiren guard gertisbishir received the help of fracek and GIRU to level the score. In the second quarter, at 16:39, radurov received the assists from klinbury and Segan to let the star team lead again. Two minutes later, pitellick received the assists from Lindel and Hintz to let the star team finish the second quarter 4-2. In the third quarter, nine minutes and 33 seconds, Como received the assists of klinbury and faxa to give the star team a 5-2 lead. 10 seconds later, radurov received the assists of Dickinson and scored another goal. Finally, the star team won the flying man 6-2.

Highlight player

Star team’s Russian winger radurov has shot two goals and two assists four times, Dickinson has one goal and one assists, pitellick and Como have each scored one goal, and fakesa, Hintz and zukalero have one assists respectively. At the back line, Lindell has one goal and one assist, klinbury has two assists and lefjoy has four blocks. The rate of goalkeeper kudoben’s rescue was 94.1%.

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Take the top pick and sign for top guard Su ban. The New Jersey Devil is going to make a big deal this time

The New Jersey Devils added another talent after they won Jack Hughes at the draft convention. On June 23, Beijing time, the Nashville Raiders sent their star player P.K. subban to the devil for guard Steven Santini, rookie Jeremy Davis and two second round signings in 2019 and 2020. With the joining of top pick Hughes and Su ban, the devil team has a bright future in the next few years.

The 30-year-old, who has been at the marauders for the past three seasons, spent the first seven seasons of his career with the Canadian in Montreal, and then the Canadians sent him to the marauders in order to get Webber. The deal caused a huge stir at that time. In 2018, Su ban recovered from injury and got 31 points (9 goals and 22 assists) in 63 games. It is worth noting that the predator was the worst team in the League last season, with a score conversion rate of only 12.9%. He did not show a good understanding with Roman Yossi, Ryan Ellis, Matthias ekholm and other players in the defense, so the predator decided to bear the pain.

“We are grateful for the contribution of Su ban over the past three seasons, which has made us an unprecedented success.” “He is the key for us to reach the Stanley Cup finals in 2017 and the first place in the Central Division for two consecutive years,” the predator said in an official statement. But we have to make a business decision. In order to upgrade the striker configuration and the depth of the defensive line in this off-season, we think it is necessary to clear up the salary space. “

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NHL promotes green earth month activity: leave outdoor ice rink for children!

In the movie “old cannon“, six Ye, dressed in a general’s coat, skated on the ice of the YeHu lake behind the summer palace in an impressive way. For many ice hockey players, their earliest ice hockey memories began outdoors, skating and playing on icy lakes or streets. With global warming, the lake is no longer so easy to ice, and there are fewer and fewer outdoor skating venues. NHL is committed to changing this situation.

Ice hockey relies on nature. In order to let future generations have ice to skate, and to protect the valuable playing field in the future, NHL launched the “green earth month” activity since 2010. By advocating sustainable innovation and community development, reducing emissions, saving water, reducing waste and so on, we can improve the natural and community environment of ice hockey. “Your favorite sport is not just a game, we have to make changes.” The NHL website wrote.

According to the combination of rinkwatch data and future climate conditions simulated by computer by professors from Wilfrid Laurier University, it is expected that the average length of skating season in eastern Canada will be reduced by 1 / 3, and that in western Canada will be reduced by 20% in the coming decades, so the ice protection will not be slow.

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Low temperature hard to stop the islanders fans’ enthusiasm for hurricane substitute goalkeeper became the focus after the game

The second round of the NHL playoffs is in full swing. The New York Islanders moved to Brooklyn for the second round after sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round. In the first game of the second round, the islanders lost to Hurricane Carolina in extra time. After losing the home court advantage, the islanders are bound to win the second game.

The League will play the second game at 3 p.m. New York time on Sunday. Considering that most of the fans of the islanders live in Long Island, New York, the opening time of the afternoon is very suitable for the islanders to go to the scene to cheer, and the islanders also prepared a cheering towel for a fan to watch the match. Although the temperature in New York on the match day was a little low, only about 10 degrees Celsius, it could not block the enthusiasm of the islanders fans. The strength of the islanders has been poor in recent seasons, with the last promotion to the second round of the playoffs going back to the 15-16 season. At the beginning of this season, the islanders recruited champion coach troz, and they hope to go a little further in the playoffs this year.

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Introduction to NHL: Stanley Cup is the highest honor symbol with a long history

The most successful team

Montreal Canadians are the most successful team in the history of the league, winning 24 Stanley cups in total. Among the four major professional sports in North America, they are the only New York Yankees who have won more than the major league of American Professional Baseball (but have been surpassed since 1999). The second successful team is Toronto Maple Leaf, which has won 13 Stanley cups in total, but has never won since 1967. The Detroit Red Wings, which have won the Stanley Cup ten times, are the most successful American team. The longest streak in the Stanley Cup is the Montreal Canadians from 1955-1956 to 1959-1960. Both the New York Islanders and Montreal Canadians have had four. The 1976-1977 Montreal Canadians were named as the second greatest sports team by ESPN.

NHL competition system

NHL’s season is divided into two parts, one is the regular season in accordance with the scheduled schedule, and the seven game four win playoffs in the knockout system. The team winning in the last round of the playoffs will win the Stanley Cup.

In the regular season, each team will play 82 games; 41 at home and 41 away. Starting from the 2005-2006 regular season, each team will play 24 games with the teams in the division, 40 games against different divisions of the same league, and 18 games across the West or East League (at least one game with all teams in different leagues). Each year, the two divisions of the Western or Eastern leagues take turns, similar to the major league of American professional baseball. Points will be accumulated in every game. The winning team will get two points, the team losing in overtime will get one point, and the team losing in regular time will not get points. Among the four major professional sports in North America, NHL is the only league that gives points to teams who lose in overtime.

Four famous players of Stanley Cup became the leader of wild team

Green has been with the penguins in Pittsburgh for the past eight seasons, including five years as penguin’s assistant general manager. As a member of penguin management, he won the Stanley Cup twice with the team (2016, 2017), and as a penguin player, he won the Stanley Cup with the team in 2009. He also won the championship with the New Jersey Devil in 1995.

Green’s time as a player began in 1989, when he was chosen by the New Jersey Devils as the fifth pick in the draft. He made 1263 regular season appearances and scored 856 points (429 goals plus 427 assists). He has played for devil, Edmonton oiler, Boston brown bear, Dallas star, St. Louis Blues, San Jose shark, New York Islander and Pittsburgh penguin. He made 140 playoff appearances and scored 74 points (39 goals plus 35 assists).

Insiders agree that green has the potential to be general manager. As the left and right hand of penguin general manager Jim Rutherford, he is unique in assessing the potential of players. He works very hard and can motivate the rest of the team to work together. These qualities make him well received in the industry.

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NHL supports China’s fight against the epidemic and presents “Wuhan cheer up” Jersey

On the night of February 4 local time, NHL New Jersey Devils’ home Prudential Center showed a strong Chinese style.

Li Liyan, cultural counsellor of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, met with NHL officials before the game, which started with the New Jersey Devils vs. Montreal Canadians. He thanked the North American professional ice hockey league for organizing Chinese theme cultural activities during the Spring Festival for two consecutive years, and introduced the preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. He hoped to use the opportunity of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States in ice and snow sports.

In the evening, a New Jersey Devil’s jersey printed with “Wuhan strong, 2020” (Wuhan refueling, 2020) was specially set up to support China’s fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It was presented to the Chinese Consulate General in New York to express NHL’s sympathy and support for China’s fight against the epidemic.